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  • Genre:HUMOR
  • SubGenre:Topic / Adult
  • Language:English
  • Pages:137
  • eBook ISBN:9781483536095

Dick Dialogues

A Spoof on Sex Narrated by a Funny Penis

by R Mohan

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This is a funny book on facts and myths about sex around the world. To keep it funny the author has chosen a funny and fun-loving penis as its narrator. So all the talking is done by the penis who talks about the pleasures, pains, uses and abuses and the contradictions and dichotomies about sex that we observe or experience every day. The narrative is punctuated by adult jokes titled "Dick Dimples"


Writing a book from a unique perspective is far from a revolutionary approach to literature, but in Dick Dialogues: A Jovial Conversation About Sex, the narrator is particularly unusual – and memorable. With an interest in spreading information and awareness about sexual health and behavior to those who need it most, I have created a hilarious and heartwarming guide to sex, told from the perspective of…a penis.

Genitalia is rarely chosen as a narrator, let alone a protagonist, but just as The Vagina Monologues began a conversation between women and about sex in a healthy and hilarious way, this book is similarly trying to say something important, from a very unique source. With sexual assault and abuse in the spotlight around the world, this book is a timely and lighthearted way of demystifying sex and bringing it back into the public eye in a more positive form.

Breaking the book up into seven sections about the contradictory nature of the male member, there is an underlying current of humor from the start, but my exploration is not a complete joke. There are wise philosophical points that I am trying to convey, but you will find that the delivery is completely unexpected. This sort of "in your face" writing is more appealing, and therefore useful, to teenagers or young adults, but the lessons may be valuable for any age, or gender.

From discussing the eternal issue of whether size matters to breaking down the basics of sexual behavior and acceptable treatment between genders and partners, this is a book that is seemingly by, for and about men, but it could be far more than that. There are important cultural, societal and historical points I have made that can help readers understand gender and sexual roles, and their often foolish/faulty origins. I have tried to debunk some of the myths about sexuality that have become widely pervasive in our society, yet I have done so without becoming preachy or promoting any one belief when it comes to one's own body.

By writing in such a humorous way, it is far easier to express potentially controversial subjects related to sex, from birth control and orgasms to early fumbling of intimacy and the decision to lose your virginity. This is the type of handbook that could help to avoid the cloistered and potentially dangerous state of affairs presently being seen in more repressed corners of the world. At the end of the day, what i am trying to say is that sex is natural, fun and – in some ways – unavoidable, so being educated is better than being ignorant.

While the use of puns and tongue-in-cheek language can be a bit over-the-top, the cleverness of the premise and narration more than makes up for those occasional eye-rolls. My writing overall is clean and straightforward, making this an easy and quick read. You will agree that I have delivered a concise and unique book – a surprisingly useful and thoughtful guide for anyone who needs to brush up on the physical, emotional, and philosophical aspects of sex, which really amounts to almost everyone.

About the author

The author is a free lance journalist and the author of hundreds of blogs and has spent more than two decades in the West. He was inspired to write this book, his first, by the increasing incidents of AIDS, rapes, incest, illegal abortions and sexual oppression of women in the third world countries caused by the continuing lack of sex education on the one hand and the abundance of myths about sex on the other. Instead of making it a serious book, he wrote it as a spoof on sex with funny jokes but coupled it with serious myth busters about sex.

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