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  • SubGenre:Religious
  • Language:English
  • Pages:772
  • Duration:21 Hours 48 Minutes
  • eBook ISBN:9781667871769
  • Paperback ISBN:9781667871752
  • Audiobook ISBN:9781667895789

Demons of Federal Misconduct: A Chicago Memoir! (A Christian Nonfiction Novel)

Theme: Ephesians 6:12

by Christopher Myron Claxton

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PAPERBACK - $29.95 (AFTER COUPON: CODE - 98765)  This Christian nonfiction legal novel (written in a "John Grisham" drama/thriller genre - where truth is far stranger than fiction) is based upon true events that occurred in Chicago, Illinois - and features the "Who's Who" of the Chicago legal and judicial community - both the good and the malevolent!  The theme of this book is: "Wickedness in High Places!"  A nationally renowned first amendment attorney - and author or co-author of over 40 books - has described this book as: "An Amazing and Fascinating Piece of Work!" Readers have said that this book will surely be the basis of a "movie" - or a Netflix series in the not too distant future!  This book contains scathing copies of FBI transcripts and other certified government documents to corroborate the Author's allegations of egregious misconduct by certain rogue feds.  Author Christopher Myron Claxton, PhD, shares his story and belief that certain feds - and other prominent federal officials - maliciously and unjustly prosecuted him and his Christian business associate because of racial animus and jealously - in what comprised two federal investigations.  Because his African American legal associate had become the top chapter-13 attorney in the state of Illinois (and one of the top three in the nation - according to the FBI - in terms of volume of cases produced), the author believes that they were maliciously prosecuted by certain feds.  The author believes that because of their collective success, certain powers-that-be with malevolent intentions - were determined to teach him and his associate a stiff lesson.  The author contends that his attorney associate was the primary target, and that he was just collateral damage.  Also, for the same apparently sinister reason, these two prosecutions were initiated by an eminent bankruptcy judge.  However, after devising a spurious "slam-dunk" case against the author and his associate - that for so long appeared to be remarkably executed and progressing flawlessly - with a certain and imminent collective federal prison term of 75-years coming to fruition - the unthinkable happened!  Suddenly, for some inexplicable reason - in a bizarre turn of events, the feds' impeccably devised case became unglued - and totally unraveled.  Furthermore, for some unexplainable reason, these particular federal officials - who had previously been on one accord - began to figuratively and vehemently - fight amongst themselves!  Accordingly, the case imploded - right in their hands.  Moreover, after their ostensible nefarious deeds and intentions were exposed, the bankruptcy judge and the federal prosecutor were seemingly forced out of the federal government - in an "expeditious," discreet, and ignominious fashion - for their apparent acts of judicial and prosecutorial misconduct - within only one month of one another!  Refreshingly, certain other feds with integrity took over the case - and the rest is history.  Interestingly, this same federal prosecutor - that left the federal government on the above described case after allegations of their official misconduct were made public - later became a very recognizable household name - and, a very polarizing and controversial political figure!


Based upon its content, this book could also be entitled: "Wickedness in High Places" - BUT GOD!  This book is a remarkable story (and testimony) of the sovereignty of God! From a spiritual perspective - and with a Biblical narrative - the author believes that his two federal cases (to be referred to in the singular) contained far greater "unseen" implications than what appeared on the surface.  As an ordained Christian minister, with a PhD in Biblical Studies, and teaching as an adjunct professor of Theology and Eschatology in Bible College, the author believes that his case was actually a 21st century modern day case study of Ephesians 6:12 in the Bible - as related to the U.S. justice system in Chicago.  This scripture reads: "For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places." (ESV) The author believes that because of the tremendous success of his Christian business inspirational program that spanned two decades - which positively affected the lives of so many people - in both financial and spiritual matters - Satan became very upset with the program's success with the people of God.  Of course, Satan always detests the success of God's programs!  The author believes that Satan then approached God requesting permission to bring persecution against the author and his attorney business associate (because Satan is the constant accuser of God's people {Rev. 12:10} - but he must always first obtain God's permission to attack God's people).  The author surmises that once Satan obtained God's approval - not knowing (or caring) that God had His own ostensible agenda for "certain" federal officials in this case Himself, Satan immediately dispatched three demons to Chicago to influence four federal officials.  It was an absolute prerequisite for these federal officials to have the apparent witting (or unwitting) proclivity, propensity, and individual characters to carry out Satan's diabolical plan.  Little did Satan know that God was ultimately going to dispatch two angels from heaven to help the author and his associate come out from under the clutches of the demonic forces - and the federal officials that they seemed to be using - and that God would get the ultimate glory!  The Book Cover of this book - although very descriptive - cannot compare to the content within its pages!  The antagonists in this book are contrasted with and likened to certain powerful officials in the Bible such as Haman, Jezebel, and King Saul.  Other Biblical characters discussed are Daniel, Nebuchadnezzar, Mordecai, Job, David, and Jehoshaphat.  Indeed, this book is a "Must-Read" for everyone - and, not only will it glorify God - but it will bless you immensely!

About the author

Christopher Myron Claxton has a PhD in Biblical Studies from Northwestern Theological Seminary; and, is an Ordained Christian Minister with the End-Time Ministries of Christ International in Baltimore, MD.  Dr. Claxton holds an MBA in Accounting and Behavioral Sciences from the University of Chicago - Booth School of Business; and, possesses a Bachelor's degree in Finance from Michigan State University.  Mr. Claxton has also studied at the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, IL.  He has also taught Economics and Finance at the collegiate level, including at DePaul University Graduate and Undergraduate Schools of Business.  Additionally, Dr. Claxton has taught at two different Bible colleges for several years in the capacity of an adjunct professor of Theology and Eschatology - including the Chicago Baptist Institute International.  Moreover, Dr. Claxton has been a financial services and inspirational radio personality for over 20-years in the Chicago area.  He is also president of Shekinah Lion Global Ministries, LLC - the publisher of this book.  Mr. Claxton has amassed over 40 years of combined experience in public accounting, financial services, and, as an educator - and has also concurrently served over 40 years in Christian ministry. Dr. Claxton and his wife have been married for 50 years. They have three children and six grandchildren.