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  • SubGenre:Basketball
  • Language:English
  • Pages:180
  • Paperback ISBN:9781667857398

Daddy's Little Girl

by James Jackson

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The author knew when he started writing this book, it was perfect timing for him to help you who is reading to know and understand, this is a real-life true love story about a daddy and his little girl. He really thought it would be very important to you if he would take a few lines and chapters to write about a true love story. Just remember, the little girl is all grown up on social media. He wanted you to always know in the back of your mind that this book is about the love of daddy and his little girl, and he wanted that love to reach out to every daddy and mommy. As you continue to read, he wants you to know that he thinking how you are going to be blessed by what you read.
The book was written to all the daddies and mommies out there who has a little girl or little boy and don't know what to do when your child is inspired and encouraged to play sports. Does your little girl or boy want to be prepared to be the very best in the sport of their choice? This book is about Crissa A Jackson, written to all those moms or dads that don't know what to do or how to make the right choice. When a mom or dad doesn't have the skills to train or coach their child personally, it is time for this book to inspire you to love to the point where you will trust God for your son or daughter. It was also written for all the little girls or boys who also do not know what it takes, if they have a burning heart's desire to play the sport of their choice. This book will introduce you and your kids to the power of love. The principles that are in this book, you will be able to apply today, once you see yourself wanting to train and practice at the track and on the court, it will help you to choose a place of your choice. The spirit of love according to this book, will show you how your five natural and spiritual senses will help you. Imagine yourself outdoor at the track and surrounded by hills, trying to reach the goals and complete the tasks from your heart. You will be able to touch, taste, see, smell, and hear from your mind and heart, a sense of how the ball is working for you. It almost sounds magical, but that is what true love will do for you.
About the author
He is a father who is in love with all of his kids unto death do they part, a person who is in love with God, and a father who gave his best love offering to his daughter at the age of six years old by training her for twelve years, 364 days a year give or take. He is a man who has grown to love according to the word of God and to love with all of his heart, mind, body, strength, and soul. A man who has learned that faith works through God's love and that love is the answer to all things. He is a love messenger for Jesus Christ, an evangelist to the lost souls, an author who understands that the spiritual church needs God's love in order to reach the unreachable. He is a person who wants to send a message to the world about love, he knows that this generation is the love dispensation of 2020-2025. He knows where sin abounds, God's grace (love & mercy) will abound even stronger. He understands being a messenger of love is his duty to serve you in the spirit of love, so you would be able to discern the truth of the mystery and the unknown of the spirit of true love. He also wanted you to be fully aware of the knowledge of love principles and concepts concerning true love. This is who he is, this is who he became and this is him, "The Love Messenger." That's why he wrote this true love story about "Crissa A. Jackson