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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Mystery & Detective / General
  • Language:English
  • Series title:Lucky & Led Cruise Mystery Series
  • Series Number:1
  • Pages:120
  • eBook ISBN:9781618429605

Cruise to Mayhem

by David P Remy

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Embark with Lucky and Led aboard a modern cruise ship and settle in for a Transatlantic voyage filled with mystery, romance and adventure. Lucky is the ship's chaplain who finds himself bound to a secret that is a real killer. Led, his friend, is forever seeking the perfect lady. Be careful what you seek! The female find of your life doesn't always work out the same way as in your fantasy. CRUISE TO MAYHEM is the debut novel in this cruise ship mystery series. Wear your motion sickness patch...it's going to be anything but smooth sailing. Murder, deception and intrigue are your unexpected companions. All does not go smoothly, especially with the senior officers in whom you have placed your greatest trust. Unexpected twists and turns involving romance, smuggling, murder, undisclosed identities, all stemming from a WWII Nazis plot. Throw in a bit of humor and you have the makings of a great read which will entertain you without demanding a huge amount of your reading time.
Cruise to Mayhem, the debut novel in the Lucky & Led cruise ship mystery series, promises to transport you across the open oceans from one port to the next, but not without excitement, romance and intrigue. Lucky is the volunteer ship chaplain whose cruises end up being so much more than holy. Led, his traveling companion, is constantly on the prow for the perfect lady in his life. In CRUISE TO MAYHEM, together they become mired in sordid situations caused by a nagging WWII Nazis episode, the smuggling of a Van Gogh aboard, a murder or two, several deceptions, and for good (?) measure, throw in a threat of blackmail. Add a steamer trunk packed with humor and romance and you have the wardrobe befitting a great novel read. There's frosting on the cake, as the author of CRUISE TO MAYHEM fills the story with real life cruise ship insights and nuance which both the novice and veteran cruiser will appreciate. Recommended reading while preparing for a cruise, while on one...or after one...or just thinking about your next cruise. And, if you are planning another cruise, so is Lucky and Led. They plan on boarding the Palace Star for the CRUISE TO HELL. Look for it setting sail soon on your favorite E reader device.
About the author
David P Remy was born in Iowa a few months before the Pearl Harbor "incident", as such affairs are referred to in modern parlance. He attempted to become educated in Dubuque, IA, Detroit, MI, Washington, D.C., South Orange, NJ, and New Orleans, LA. It took a long time, in a lot of halls of higher learning. Eventually, a little of it stuck. He felt most success with his in depth studies of Mardi Gras and restaurants while in the Crescent City...the Big Easy. Up to this moment, he's been a pastor, an educator, a counselor and tucked within his forty-five years of ministry, he served twenty short ones in the United States Navy as a chaplain to our courageous Sailors and a "padre" to our valiant Marines. He proudly adds "Veteran" (USN, CHAPLAIN CORPS), to his bio. Now, late in his life game, he appends "Author" to his resume. He will let the reader determine the validity of that claim. Around twenty years ago, he began a volunteer relationship with several cruise lines, as a cruise ship chaplain. This united his profession and personal love of travel into a tandem as pastor and ship chaplain. With his years in the Navy and now, surpassing forty-five commercial cruises with a variety of cruise ship lines, he has gained a veritable boatload of experience involving people at sea, both crew and guests. Thus, the birth of the Lucky and Led cruise ship mystery series, with "CRUISE TO MAYHEM" being the debut edition of the series. He plans to write several more of Lucky and Led's adventures. The "LUCKY & LED CRUISE MYSTERY" series is a mix and mash compilation of his cruising experiences written in such a manner as not to finger any particular person, ship or specific circumstance. The author mentions this because a character or two in the stories may not possess the usual high quality and top notch standards usually associated with the individuals one expects to meet on board a commercial cruise line. Mark it up to the author of fiction's privilege to create for the sake of the story. A mystery story needs a villian or two. Now retired and living in the Florida Panhandle, David continues to transfer his memories to paper. You may meet him as he returns to sail the high seas on his favorite cruise line visiting new ports several times each year. He hopes you enjoy reading his books as much as he relishes writing them. He looks forward to cruising with you someday. Who knows, you may become the prototype of a fictional character in one of his novels...a reputable one, we can only hope.