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  • SubGenre:Love & Romance
  • Language:English
  • Pages:254
  • eBook ISBN:9798988748335
  • Paperback ISBN:9798988748304

Creating Harmonious Relationships

A Practical Guide to the Power of True Empathy

by Andrew LeCompte

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In Creating Harmonious Relationships: A Practical Guide to te Power of True Empathy, you will learn how to • build loving intimate relationships • develop and maintain friendships • positively influence people at work • turn conflict into understanding Andrew LeCompte has helped thousands of people to communicate more effectively and more lovingly. In this book he presents "true empathy," the key to understanding and communicating with people. With it you will experience the joy and contentment of harmonious relationships.
Creating Harmonious Relationships: a Practical Guide to the Power of True Empathy, Revised Edition, is empowering in a heartfelt way. It teaches the reader how to communicate wisely and effectively with other people. The basic technique is easy to grasp, and it is taught in a step-by step manner. It teaches how to listen in a way that invites the other person to open up and disclose what is really bothering them while also encouraging them to turn what might be their negative complaint into a positive hope. This is the use of "true empathy." It is particularly useful in defusing an argument when emotions are running high. "True empathy" involves first acknowledging the other person's feeling state, as in "Are you upset because…?" This guess shows concern for the other person's feeling state and invites their correction. They might say, "I'm angry at you because you've only been criticizing my idea." Then you guess at what their positive hope might be that is behind their feeling criticized. You might reply, "So you're angry because what you really want is some positive support." Then they will supply what their hope is, in this case probably involving some kind of help. This defuses their emotional energy. Hopes are a key concept in interpersonal communication. We are all motivated to get our hopes met. Hopes are such things as to be heard and understood, to be accepted. These are connection hopes. We also have freedom hopes such as to be free to express our creativity and to be treated with honesty. Hopes are positive needs that can be met without infringing on someone else. They are at the heart of effective conflict resolution. This method of communicating is the culmination of techniques that have been practiced and refined over many decades. Thousands of people have learned and benefited from the first edition of Creating Harmonious Relationships: a Practical Guide to the Power of True Empathy. The book was sold out and the much awaited Revised Edition is now here.
About the author
With a master's degree in Humanistic Psychology in Organizations, and practical life experience, Andrew LeCompte developed a deeper method of interpersonal communication, which involves tapping into each person's emotions and what they are most hoping for. He then taught empathic speaking and listening skills to couples and to people in schools, colleges, civic groups, legal practices, hospitals, pharmaceutical and financial corporations. As President of the Let's Talk training group he led leadership, management, and organizational development programs. Countless boyfriends and girlfriends, husbands and wives, have used this way of talking with each other to enhance their relationships. Creating Harmonious Relationships: a Practical Guide to the Power of True Empathy shows, step-by-step, how to form better connections. The first edition of this book sold out and was later translated into Turkish. The long-awaited revised edition will be released on January 24, 2024!