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  • Genre:SCIENCE
  • SubGenre:Physics / Gravity
  • Language:English
  • Pages:188
  • eBook ISBN:9781667887463
  • Paperback ISBN:9781667887456

Consideration of the Heavens & Earth

thought experiments on matter, energy, time, and humanity

by Christopher P. Fure

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This effort is a collection of thought experiments by a creative entrepreneur with a passion for physics. Author Chris Fure takes us through a roller coaster of concepts that range from a rational Universe Acceleration and Big Bang explanation (Pull Theory) to a reasonable analysis of life after death (liberated consciousness). Along the way, he delves into the rationality of human endeavors, poses ideas for a long-sought unification of relativity with quantum mechanics, suggests how the cosmic microwave background came to be, and even poses a reasonable argument that the speed of light is not a speed limit but rather a limit for observation. Fure's ideas are accessibly written and invite us to think about our world in a much greater universe, including the issues we face in regards to climate, pandemics, the economy, and even our political divides.
This book is the inevitable outcome of a greater universe vision that accounts for Conservation of Energy, where I ask the heretical question: is the Big Bang the actual moment of creation or just a common gravity-driven event? The topics discussed put in balance the observed and unexpected fact that our visible universe is expanding at an accelerating rate, a fact that completely caught the global physics community by surprise when the Hubble Space Telescope made an observation to settle the biggest bet of the day in physics—specifically, is the universe expanding at a constant rate or slowing down (preparing for a big crunch or a system reset)? Amazingly, all bets were lost, and physicists have been trying to solve the mystery of Universe Acceleration ever since. I propose a solution that does not involve new physics but instead relies on standard (observable and calculable) gravity. This book is the product of a simple hypothesis that manifested itself into an independent film (Saraya's Universe) that I wrote, produced, and directed. It premiered at the Santa Rosa International Film Festival in 2012, for which I happily received the Principia Award (best science in cinema). Since then, I self-published a formal paper on the subject (Pull Theory) and began the long and arduous journey of socializing the idea until Conscious Capital Press invited this book. With that said, I fully recognize the peril of supporting an idea that comes from outside the academic physics community and that boldly (if not naively) suggests that most (if not all) research in the Dark Energy space has been going in the wrong direction—yes, I'm questioning the exotic notion that gravity must reverse itself in some unexplained way for Universe Acceleration to work as a "push" theory, because dark energy doesn't offer the full accounting required for the Conservation of Energy. On this note, I am not only extremely grateful to Lawrence Ford, Conscious Capital Press publisher, but also to James "Rick" Forster, former Hat Creek Radio Observatory director and retired research astronomer, as well as Matt Greeson, Thames physics professor, for extending their endorsements to this simple and fully accounted theory for how our greater universe can work. Here, I'm reminded of Galileo's fate when he boldly proposed a new model for what was humanity's limited view of our solar system and, thus, was sentenced by the Inquisition to house arrest for the rest of his days. I only wish he had this poetic line, which I have used more than once to defend my own thoughts on the cosmos: "To those who feel their faith is threatened by the identification of a greater universe, I humbly ask 'Who are you to diminish the realm of God?'" In this light, Lawrence and I shared a remarkable discussion walking back from Point Bonita beach in California, where I offered a thought experiment that identified what liberated consciousness would endure if Pull Theory is in fact the accurate conceptualization of our greater universe. As a result of this lovely and thought-provoking hike, I've added a chapter that shares this additional concept and, thus, invites the reader to take an even greater step in seeing a comprehensively whole system: one that blends physics with metaphysics, a potential grand unification of another sort, beyond the combination of quantum mechanics with relativity . . . but I am getting ahead of myself. So, let's begin with some simple context before we dive into this complex (yet seemingly natural) weave of thought experiments.
About the author
ABOUT THE AUTHOR San Francisco Bay Area entrepreneur Chris Fure's passion involves both physics (how all things interact) and economics (how all beings interact). While Fure is pioneering FinTech solutions and decentralized social utilities in the development of Web3 (blockchain), Fure is becoming increasingly known as the author of Pull Theory: physical interaction that explains Universe Acceleration and origin of the Big Bang as a function of gravity. Fure's primary contributions in the space of economics include his net interest margin leverage structure for offsetting risk for private equity investments, as well as for setting up near-risk-free "sponsorship for life" for meaningful causes and events. Fure's contribution to the FinTech space was not just to realize the utility of crowdfunding as a demographic tool, but also to develop a smart digital wallet as a boundless and exclusive transaction engine and social channel for brand management and continuous user engagement. Fure's primary contribution to physics (as described in this book) is his proposed solution—Pull Theory—for Alan Guth's and Paul Steinhardt's self-identified issues in their foundational works, The Inflationary Universe and The Cyclic Universe, respectively. Fure's solution stems from his recognition that nothing observable in the heavens (or in nature) has a beginning or end, which is to say all mass can be observed transitioning between structures (whether growing via consumption or reducing via collision) in a calculable function that does not violate the law of Conservation of Energy. Fure also spends his free time as a media producer, having long recognized the US cultural dominance in both R&B music and Sci-Fi (technically derived) films, which is similar to the Russian cultural dominance in ballet. As an entrepreneur, Fure proved his US dominance model in the music industry by codeveloping and signing American recording artist SISTA SISTA to Iceberg Records (Germany) on a step deal with RCA and later proved the model again in the film industry by developing a deal between Warner Asia, Beijing Film Studios, and Oscar-winning visual effects producer Manex Entertainment. Fure remains active as a music and film producer, in addition to his finance ("Defi" or "Tokenomics") consulting, software app development, business development of Scious LLC, and the continued socialization of Pull Theory, which was the subject of Fure's authored, produced, directed, and 2012 Santa Rosa Int'l Film Festival premiered award-winning film Saraya's Universe.