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  • SubGenre:Industries / Hospitality, Travel & Tourism
  • Language:English
  • Pages:180
  • eBook ISBN:9781467531986

Come Closer

How Tourism is Shaping The Future of Nations

by Anita Mendiratta

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Created with tourism leaders around the world in mind, from governments to global corporations, airlines, airports and hotels, diplomats to business decision makers, media to marketing authorities – this first ever examination of the tourism sector from purpose to impact offers valuable insight for people playing a part in the global tourism economy.
The Tourism sector has come of age. Having been viewed for decades as a purely leisure, non-essential activity, attracting disposable income and a chosen few, finally the importance of travel, travellers and the impact of the Travel & Tourism sector on economies and societies across the globe is achieving awareness, understanding and applause! For the sector to realise its true potential, playing an ongoing role in the advancement of our world socially, environmentally, economically and diplomatically, this wave of positive change must not only be carefully navigated — the people involved in churning the water must be provided with all of the intelligence, insight and inspiration they require to make a meaningful, sustainable and equitable difference. This book has been created with tourism leaders around the world in mind. From governments to global corporations, Ministers of Tourism to Managers of Airlines, Airports and Hotels, diplomats to business decision makers, media to marketing authorities — for all of the people playing a part in defining and developing the global Tourism Economy for the benefit of the people and places that bring such purpose and pride to our practices.
About the author
ANITA MENDIRATTA is a global management consultant specialising in Strategy, Implementation and Communications in the sectors of Tourism & Economic Development. Canadian by birth and now based in Cape Town, South Africa, Anita's work spreads across all regions of the world through a rich client portfolio of governments and private travel and tourism entities. Applying proven principles and processes, and exceptional skills in facilitating dialogue to break through conflict, define direction and yield purposeful, unified results, Anita is able to mobilise strategic impact at two critical levels: B2B - Business to Business, and B2G - Business to Government. At the heart of Anita's efforts is enduring focus on the central WHY of travel and tourism: sector activation as a driver of sustainable, meaningful and empowering socio-economic development, identity and upliftment of the people of the destination. Anita is a strategic advisor to CNN INTERNATIONAL in Tourism & Economic Development as lead Consultant of CNN's T.A.S.K. (Tourism Advertising Solutions and Knowledge) GROUP, as well as a resource to the World Bank and UNWTO. Anita regularly shares her knowledge and expertise internationally through speaking at conferences and summits, publishing, and participating on major government panels. Web: www.anitamendiratta.com Blog: anitamendiratta.blogspot.com Twitter: @AnitaMendiratta