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  • Genre:SCIENCE
  • SubGenre:Space Science / Astronomy
  • Language:English
  • Pages:206
  • eBook ISBN:9781483549637

Code of Prometheus

Origins of Intelligence

by Christopher Bertram

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The Dissertation contains primary source references for the existence of fossils in meteorites dating from the 1800s. There are updates from various satellite observation platforms. A hypothesis is stated with evidence. A meteorite is examined. There are experiments, and software code examples written in C++.


Music Producer Releases Book on Extraterrestrials. Chris Bertram producer of the band Alien Sex Cult tells his reasons for being an ancient astronaut theory proponent, as well as scientist. The debate on extraterrestrials has actually been over since the 1800s when fossils were described by scientists in meteorites. It could have been the inspiration for H.G. Wells, or Jules Verne. What has been beyond the imaginations and minds of the popular culture - the existence of alien life is actually well known by scientists. NASA has protocols in place for strict isolation from space flights, as well as a relentless search of the planets and stars for what must certainly be present - extraterrestrial life. It can now be possible to assemble a scientific hypothesis on the origins of life. “Code of Prometheus” explores the hypothesis of Panspermia and the origins of intelligence life. In Code of Prometheus the author explores what forms of life could be present in ancient and present day Mars. The author gives 

citations and quotes from the primary literature that may surprise the uninitiated - the origins of life must be off world. The author performs an experiment to determine if prokaryotic life is able to incorporate foreign genes into their genomes with remarkable results. The author creates a 
demonstration program using C++ to explain the basis of neural organization in to an intelligent brain.

About the author

Christopher Bertram attended San Francisco State, and U.C. Berkeley. He has worked in Silicon Valley as an Engineering Technician and Programmer.