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  • SubGenre:Personal Memoirs
  • Language:English
  • Pages:490
  • eBook ISBN:9781543976168
  • Paperback ISBN:9781543976151

Christ With a Y

The Story of Christy DePriest Wright

by Karen DePriest

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The story of Christy DePriest Wright is one of a beautiful life. In Christ With a Y, her mother relates her memories of Christy—from sweet child to lovely young woman, a gift from God, who gave every ounce of herself to share Him with everyone she met.
The story of Christy DePriest Wright is one of a beautiful life. In Christ With a Y, her mother relates her memories of Christy—from sweet child to lovely young woman, a gift from God, who gave every ounce of herself to share Him with everyone she met. The promises Christy made to herself as she grew into a young woman were inspirational. The stories her mother has chosen to tell are those most important to her. Christy touched the lives of many people, and inspired those around her to be better at loving others. The memories contained within Christ With a Y are related exactly the way Christy's mother remembers them, and were taken from a diary written during a most difficult time. Christ With a Y aims to inspire, comfort, and bring joy to those most in need of it.
About the author
Karen DePriest is the founder of Christy's Legacy of Hope, a non-profit organization working to benefit orphaned children throughout the world. She founded the company to carry on her daughter's legacy and wrote Christ with a Y to tell her daughter's story. She is a wife and mom and lives in Metro Detroit.

Book Reviews

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Great Read This books is incredible and begins with the history of how and why Christy became Christ Y. She truly was a passionate individual who proved that road blocks in the pathway of life are there to either make us stronger, overcoming them; or to change the direction we are taking. She pushed her way through difficulties all the while smiling and proclaiming Christ. The difficult part to read was during Christy's short, diagnosed walk through cancer. From a mother's perspective, it made my heart ache. That revealed how she worked through and finally accepted her diagnosis. Controlling what she could. The final road block that was thrown in her way at the end of her short life only changed her direction heavenward! At that point, she was ready to go! Praise the Lord!!! Finally, what the author has accomplished by the grace of God with CHoL is a living legacy to Christy DePriest Wright's passion and true grit to make a difference for Christ in this life! And for her and countless others, the life after. Read more
Touching Story I was so excited to read Karen’s book. It is written from a Mother’s heart and captures your interest from the beginning. Christy’s life inspires others to live a life with the purpose of loving people to Jesus. Christy was a friend of my daughter’s, and though I only met her a few times, she really captured your heart with such a vibrant and warm personality. This book will not disappoint as Karen goes through the details of raising a daughter and giving her back to Jesus. It was a book that I knew I had to read, and I am so glad I did. Read more
Christ with a Y Christ with a Y is the perfect title for this book. Christy was an amazing person who found a way to share the love of Christ with everyone she met. This book was written by her mother Karen Depriest, who did a beautiful job. While reading this book you will laugh, cry and want to learn more about this amazing girl who had a passion for Christ and a heart for others. Read more
CRK I bought this book, and also bought the eBook too. I was able to read Christy’s story right away. I’m glad I did. It was a very well written story of Christy and her journey in life. The light of Christ glowed in her, and although her life was short, you can see that she made an impact on those around her. This was one of those books you’re unable to put down. You get transported into the story, and that is what happened; I wasn’t able to put it down. The way it was written made it easy to feel as if you were right there with them. There are parts that were hard to read, as you can feel the emotional turmoil that was going on. Anyone who has had an experience with a family member dealing with cancer; can surely relate to this. This is a good example of how Jesus Christ strengthens us when we deal with the hard times of life. Christy’s mom has become a champion for Christy’s dreams. The organization, Christy’s Legacy of Hope, is how I first heard of Christy. This book has allowed me to get to know her better; through her mother’s eyes. Christy’s love of children, especially those who are left alone, and her firm belief in Jesus Christ, is shown in her life. Karen, Christy’s mom, has allowed us to see Jesus shine in her life, by taking that loss of her daughter, then taking Christy’s dreams and keeping them alive. Read more
Very poignant story A beautiful story of tribute to her wonderful daughter and how she carried on her legacy. Very well written. A must-read. Read more