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  • Genre:RELIGION
  • SubGenre:Christian Ministry / Counseling & Recovery
  • Language:English
  • Pages:44
  • Paperback ISBN:9798350926620


a daily devotion

by Sarah Morgan

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Discover the transformative power of love and faith in "Chain-Breaker." In this heartfelt devotion, Sarah Morgan shares personal letters she wrote to a loved one struggling with addiction while incarcerated. These letters convey the message of Jesus's unwavering love for us, regardless of our past. Through daily passages from scripture, thoughtful reflections, and heartfelt prayers, this book offers a path to healing and empowerment. If you've found the Bible difficult to understand, this accessible devotional, featuring verses from the New International Reader's Version, is the perfect starting point. Whether you or a loved one face incarceration or addiction, "Chain-Breaker" reminds you that God can shatter the chains that bind us, offering open arms of redemption.
"Chain-Breaker" is a heartfelt devotion written to reach those who need to hear the profound message of Jesus's love. Addiction takes a toll on countless individuals and their families, often leading to incarceration or worse. In this inspiring work, Sarah Morgan shares deeply personal letters she penned to a loved one grappling with addiction during a period of incarceration. Through these letters, she conveys a powerful message: Jesus loves us all, irrespective of our past. This devotional guide addresses the tendency we all share to dwell on our history, wounds, and faults, contrasting it with God's divine perspective. God seeks to erase our history, mend our wounds, and empower us to transform. Each day's devotion features a scripture passage, thoughtful reflections on its meaning, and a heartfelt prayer. If you've ever found the Bible difficult to read or comprehend, "Chain-Breaker" offers an ideal entry point. It draws upon verses from the New International Reader's Version, a Bible translation known for its readability and accessibility. Through the simplicity and power of these letters, Sarah Morgan conveys a profound truth about God's love: it is boundless and unconditional. Whether you or a loved one are incarcerated, struggling with addiction, or feeling trapped by life's challenges, "Chain-Breaker" reminds you that God has the power to shatter any chains that bind you. His open arms await, ready to offer redemption, healing, and transformation. What are people saying about "Chain-Breaker"? "These devotions were the beginning of my journey with Christ while I was incarcerated." – Nathan Coil, Recovered Inmate "I am looking forward to the inmates and detainees incarcerated at the Clay County Justice Center receiving these devotions. They need hope, and this devotional will bring just that." – Captain Brandon Crowley, Jail Commander at the Clay County Justice Center "Hope and love is exactly what Christ offers us. These are very encouraging devotions, which is exactly the message needed for those who have no hope. This is the message He most often asks me to bring to our jail ministry." – Pastor Shane Robertson, The Little Church in Turner
About the author
Sarah Morgan resides in Nevada with her loving family, where she wears many hats: teacher, parent, spouse, and devoted Christ-follower. She hopes that "Chain-Breaker" resonates with you or someone you hold dear. If you feel inspired, consider seeking out the name of someone in your local jail or prison, and extend a message of love through a letter or by sharing this book. "Chain-Breaker" serves as a reminder that everyone deserves to experience love, just as Jesus loves you.