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Book details
  • Genre:DRAMA
  • SubGenre:General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:584
  • eBook ISBN:9798350938807
  • Paperback ISBN:9798350938791


The Last Scroll

by R.A. Portnoy

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Reports of unidentified aerial phenomena fill the airwaves almost daily. Flying saucers? Weather balloons? Sunspots? No one knows for sure, or do they? The story of CARLi is a haunting tale about interplanetary visits by mysterious beings. They traveled over many centuries to bring us advanced technology coupled with a dire warning about our future. The story begins during a cutting-edge surgical procedure to fuse a miniaturized robotic device with the limbic system of a living human brain to form a blended consciousness. The surgery is guided by a mysterious set of scrolls. A catastrophic set of circumstances interrupts the surgery, triggering alarming consequences.
On the morning of her fourth birthday in 1812, a little girl encounters an alien being who silently conveys a secret code that she recalls a lifetime later only hours before her death in 1857. Frail and nearly unable to speak, she transmits the code to a trusted colleague who hides it, only to be discovered and decrypted in 1940 by Nazi scientists who believe its secrets can perpetuate the Third Reich. A young nurse who is abducted from Amsterdam and conscripted to serve the medical needs of Hitler's generals in the Berghof, his vacation residence in Bavaria, foils the plot by stealing the secrets of the code that now envelopes her with extraordinary powers. Consumed with vengeance and obsessed with reclaiming the code, a vicious Nazi general relentlessly pursues the fleeing nurse who is now protected by a mysterious extraterrestrial device known as CARLi, which holds the promise of eternal youth and the secrets to scientific breakthroughs that can alleviate human suffering. Interlaced with facts from historical events and inspired by phenomena officially designated as unexplained, CARLi is filled with suspense, romance, horror, and mystery.
About the author
R.A. Portnoy's novel is CARLi - The Last Scroll, inspired by unexplained reports in today's headlines blended with historical fact, takes readers on an exciting journey spanning space and time. Steeped in the thrill of storytelling, the author takes great joy in the reactions of readers as they cheer for the heroes, jeer for the villains, and revel in the satisfying endings. CARLi - The Last Scroll is the author's first novel. It marks the beginning of his storytelling journey.