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  • Genre:SELF-HELP
  • SubGenre:Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Language:English
  • Pages:206
  • Paperback ISBN:9781513652481

Breaking The Code

A Guide to Overcoming the Effects of Negative Experiences and the Greatest

by Sekou Obadias

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The book which is step-by-step guide to reprograming the mind, examines why people make decisions and take self-destructive actions that hurt themselves and others. It can be a useful resource in the fight against, the ever-increasing rates of use and abuse of legal and illegal drugs, alcohol, tobacco, depression, and suicide, especially among our young people, crime and violence, unhealthy lifestyles and early death. These negative actions collectively contribute to the decline of morality, and the quality of life for many people. I suggest this book should be a prerequisite to any self-development work.
This book was written to be used as a foundation for a movement to raise the consciousness of citizens of the world. The fact is, - "Hurt people hurt people, but Blessed people, Bless people" "When people are functioning from a position of higher level of consciousness, – (strong self-love, they believe in themselves and their ability to get what they desire, they are not affected by other people's definition of them, they see the good in all people, they takes personal responsibility for their actions and results, they view life from a position of abundance, they believe in treating people fairly, their respect themselves and the views of others, they believe that everyone is entitled to their own believes and personal freedom)." it would not allow them to knowingly hurt another human being." "One can't legislate morality – otherwise jails would have prevented crime, and illness and early, untimely death, would have deterred the use and abuse of illegal drugs. People will change only there is a change in consciousness" Our world has enough natural resources, and definitely more than enough money to satisfy the basic needs of every living human being – food, clothing, shelter and drinking water, what we lack is love, socially conscientious leadership, a renewed sense of morality, dignity for life in all of its forms, and common respect of the rights of people to make decisions that pleases themselves, as long as their decisions do not impede the rights of others. While many people see negative effects when groups of people are disenfranchised due to race, gender, religion and social class, the solutions they offer, - education, and or jobs, while good intentioned, only address the symptoms of the problems. The quality of life for human as we have been accustomed to is being threatened by the decrease of clean (healthy) drinking water, the increased pollution of the oceans, reduction to the rain forest, increase in impure air, damage to farmlands for agriculture and life stock, destruction to vital species such as bees, and climate change, crime and violence, just to name a few. These issues collectively over time in addition to the change of the need for labor due to the developments in technologies will cause major shifts in population movements in search of work, food and a better quality of life. What is needed to solve the many issues we al facing is Influential, inspirational leadership, a mass change in consciousness, and positive alternatives to support the required change. This book was written as my contribution to jump-start the mass change of consciousness.
About the author
The author's life is itself a great testimony to the power of self-mastery, and he uses his writings to reach as many people as possible to provide inspiration and tools to help them achieve their dreams. Born in Guyana, a small country in South America, Sekou Obadias arrived in the United States at the age of twenty-six with no academic qualification and very little reading ability. Using self-mastery tools, he was able to obtain a Computer Engineering Degree, became a Master Teacher in the New York Public school system, a Personal Financial Analysis, and Entrepreneur. He built several businesses before finally using his vast life experiences, to become a motivational speaker and a Personal Development Life Coach helping others to achieve the same success as he has. Mr. Obadias is also the founder of the Gift of Life Dunamis (GOLD International) a Non-Profit Organization, with a mission to fund projects that uplift the human spirit and improve the quality of life for the economically underprivileged. He has also written, "Christianity In Crisis." and "SOGNUTU"- A book of Life's Maxims, which is a companion workbook to this book.