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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Thrillers / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:200
  • eBook ISBN:9781483562797
  • Paperback ISBN:9781483562780

Boy Unraveled

by Chris Bouchard

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Henry’s new family is heavenly by all outward appearances. But, it doesn’t take long before he earns a role as servant in the foster home. The couple that vowed to care for him, chastise Henry for his “demons”. While they’re away at church, their children find new and terrifying ways to torture the boy. In the darkness of the basement where he sleeps, he experiences disturbing nightmares that send him on a frantic search for someone named Charlie.

Meanwhile, Charlie struggles through the monotony of his pathetic life; a hopeless job situation, a less than average girlfriend, and a longing for booze that won’t subside. After his girlfriend, Sarah, is murdered, his secret rendezvous with his ex-lover, Jenny, comes to light. Charlie’s creepy obsession with Jenny and his criminal past makes him the prime suspect. When Charlie’s paranoia gets the best of him, he makes a hasty decision to skip town. He finds himself face to face with dangerous pimps, drug pushers and junkies. Holding on to a shimmer of hope and the bread he squandered from the homeless shelter, Charlie squeezes through some of the nastiest slums in his fight for survival and freedom.

But, it’s not long before Charlie comes face to face with a little boy that will change his life forever. With Charlie by his side, Henry climbs out of his abusive hell in foster care and, along the way, he reveals truths about Charlie’s past that are shocking and unnerving. Charlie’s dark and twisted reality turn out to be his ticket to innocence, but lands him in a prison that is far worse than he ever imagined…


Boy Unraveled is a mirror that shines light on the terrible reality of child abuse and on everything that could go wrong in the foster care system. A harrowing, gripping, and extremely suspenseful psychological thriller, this book forces you to lose yourself in the twisted mind of the main character, Charlie.

This is a page-turner, the type of book that will make you turn on all the lights in your house, which once felt safe. You’ll start checking all the locks on doors and windows to make sure that no uninvited monster can enter. Only to realize, just like Charlie, that the real monster, the ghost that haunts his life and thoughts, lives in your mind.

In this violent, sexy, disturbing, and uncanny thriller, the characters take you on a very scary journey. From page one, you’ll be shocked out of your comfort zone and thrown into a parallel world filled with darkness, fear, and even violence. Page by page, you are left wondering if what you are witnessing is real or if it is pure imagination.

As you try to unravel the entangled web of unsettling yet seductive events, you will find yourself having no other choice but to surrender to this creepily beautiful thriller that will leave you begging for more. As you finally turn the last page, you realize that everything you thought you knew so far was a lie.

About the author

Author? Maybe… In truth, Chris is just a regular guy from a small town. He appreciates art in all of its forms, draws his inspiration from classic literature and contemporary satire, and writes stories that explore the inner workings of the human mind. Before writing his first fiction novel, Boy Unraveled, he worked as a freelance writer and spent years working in the behavioral health field. Chris lives in New England with his wife and children where they enjoy the simplicity of country living.

Besides his own life experiences, some of his greatest literary inspiration comes from talented authors such as Kurt Vonnegut, J.D. Salinger, and Roger Smith. His father’s love for Stephen King and Dean Koontz sparked his interest in reading, which eventually developed into a need to write fiction. Coupled with a strong desire to bring change to a stigmatized mental health population, Chris became a Certified Grant Writer® and has developed a proven track record of helping non-profit organizations secure grant money for altruistic causes. When he is not working on his next book, he works as a planning and consulting professional; helping business and non-profit organizations achieve their goals of development, growth, and sustainability.

You can learn more about the artist behind the words, his upcoming books and events, or give him a piece of your mind on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.