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  • SubGenre:Animals / Cats
  • Age Range (years):6 - 8
  • Language:English
  • Pages:66
  • Paperback ISBN:9781667843056

Boisterous Bootsy's Chance

How A Lost and Lonely Kitty Learned to Trust

by Teresa A Mcbride

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Meet Boisterous Bootsy, an adorable rescue cat that goes on a journey to find a forever home. At first, he wants to find a home that he can take charge of because of all of his insecurities from his past experiences. So, he wants to become King of the house. To live in the home with his four-legged and even 3 legged brothers and sisters. All rescued animals as well. A humorous story, filled with colorful illustrations and most of all, an important message about finding love, kindness and acceptance.


Boisterous Bootsy's Chance, is a humorous story about Bootsy, the cat. Bootsy is only 4 years old and from the time he was a kitten, he always found himself struggling to find a secure place to live. So, when he found himself homeless once again, he put the word out to all his furry friends that he needed to find a another home and fast. However, this time Bootsy decided to put a plan in place for when he found his next home. A plan to take charge of the house. To become King of the house. He was on a quest to never be homeless again. He no longer trusted that whatever home he found would be his home for good, unless his plan to take charge worked. When Bootsy finds a friendly home that takes him in, he is sure it just won't last. So, Bootsy puts his plan into action to take over the house. Will it work? Will they give Bootsy a chance? 1-2-3, look inside and see!
About the author

Teresa McBride is a teacher who enjoys teaching sixth grade. She resides in Kent, Ohio with her husband Gary and their rescued fur babies. Teresa and her husband have adopted dozens of homeless cats and dogs throughout the past 24 years. Once Bootsy joined their family, Teresa was inspired to write a story about him because too many times her and her husband were told to get rid of him due to his behavioral issues. Like many rescues, Bootsy did not always experience a caring and secure environment. He is very adorable and yet incredibly boisterous too. So, at the young age of 4 years old, Bootsy had already found himself "tossed" aside and homeless. Plus, as a teacher, her students were sharing some heartfelt stories about animals that broke her heart. With Booty's boisterous personality, Teresa decided to tell his story in a humorous way. An important message to help others as well as children understand that animals need to be treated with kindness and compassion. Rescued, adopted and homeless animals need lots of love and patience. Teresa is already working on a sequel of Bootsy's journey. To continue to spread the message in a light hearted way. It is her hope to raise awareness the importance of empathy and kindness towards animals. To show that animals have feelings like people. Just like Bootsy and all the other rescued animals - with understanding and patience - the unconditional love and loyalty that a rescued animal brings into the home is priceless!

Book Reviews

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Very touching story The story of Bootsy is very relatable to real life situations about acceptance. The story is both touching and makes you stop and think about all the poor animals that are homeless. The author really gets her point across. The illustrations are vibrant and very true to real life (you have to see the character page in the inside to see the real life cats and dog). Bootsy really has quite the personality. I look forward to a sequel to see how Bootsy fairs in his new home. Read more