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  • SubGenre:Diet & Nutrition / Weight Loss
  • Language:English
  • Pages:22
  • eBook ISBN:9781623096250

Emotional Nourishment and Sensual Delights

Eating Light

by Simonette Vaja

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Body Image and Emotional eating has taken over from the more simplistic relationship between physical hunger & satiation. Take time now to re-learn how to listen to your body cues - to notice the difference between your physical hunger and emotional hungers and then to make choices about how to truly satisfy your whole being: body- mind-emotions and soul. This innovative e-book outlines how to change eating obsessions and give you tips to move from emotional emptiness to leading a full-filled life. This is an interactive handbook that guides you to re-connect with your hunger cues and distinguish between physical hunger and emotional hunger. Inviting you to enjoy your body through sensual delights and emotional nourishment. Simonette Vaja Australian psychologist & creativity facilitator
Enjoy your body emotional nourishment and sensual delights We all have many different hungers and needs, most people try to satisfy their emotional needs with food, alcohol or sex, but mostly food. For women in particular this brings up a whole lot of damaging self beliefs and ideals around beauty, health and worthiness. Enjoy your body is essentially a guide book to help you re-create your self according to healthy practical and inspirational ways of nourishing your emotional hungers. I have discovered through my own journey and when assisting others with this important recreation of Self that the common theme is to get rid of those strong feelings of guilt and shame. This means freedom to live a sensually nourishing life and become creative about feeding your emotional hungers. When you read Enjoy your body e-book you can work through each of the important strategies for changing the way you feed your hungers and how to design a full-filling life. The audio MP3 is based on taping into the power of your imagination for creating new connections and associations. This is facilitated by listening to the "guided meditations included with this on-line product. Lasting change needs to be more than intellectual knowledge it needs to be embodied in everyday experiences. This is an inspirational study, and it is never to late to Enjoy your Body. Latest research in has indicated that 1 in 5 people will experience a mental health condition in any given year. More over, that 1 in 2 people will experience a mental health condition in the course of their life. This means there are millions of us who are needing to learn new ways to manage our wellbeing, many of us are overweight, the prevalence of lifestyle-related conditions continue to be on the increase. Mental and behavioural problems such as anxiety and depression have steadily risen in prevalence and are assigned to being the second top cause of disease and injury. Lifestyle problems such as obesity, contributes to the rapid rise of diabetes, and can be fatal. These causes and conditions are mostly self inflicted, learned behaviours, often coping responses to rising stressful life expectations. i address these issues in my e.learning programs from my website and through this book. Enjoy your body - e-handbook for change addresses the psychological, emotional, interpersonal and spiritual qualities required to lead a full life, one where you learn to feed your emotional hungers appropriately and differently to the food you eat for your physical hungers.
About the author
Simonette Vaja is an experienced growth psychologist, with a particular interest in the creative arts, positive psychology and mindfulness mediation. Simonette's experience spans corporate mental health over the years she has developed numerous personal development and psychological materials for the general public, corporate training programs and her successful creativity and personal empowerment community programs. She has established a successful private practice within multidisciplinary medical centres in Australia Sydney. Simonette has a passion for guiding people to find their own inner sanctuary and mind retreats. Through e.learning programs found on her websites simonettevaja.space and retreatscreative.com Facilitating initiatives include: Wild at heart - creativity and meditation groups, Women's groups, meeting each week to tell their stories through the creative and performing arts. These programs grew in popularity, and developed to the next phase as a certified facilitator training program. Simonette delivered the "facilitator for life" courses through Nature Care College and was contracted for five years, where she taught and mentored allied health professionals to facilitate their own creativity and self-expression groups. In addition, Simonette has recorded and produced a large range of guided meditation and self help CD's and DVD's based on positive psychology, visualisation and meditation strategies. These products have been sold internationally for over a decade, within the ambient and self help category and have consistently rated within the top 10 best sellers. Simonette is committed to building supportive social networks and personal well-being and has been interviewed on radio, cable television and popular magazines in Australia and UK about her work. Her guided meditations were played on international Qantas in-flight radio. Simonette has an extensive list of corporate consultations and seminars, she is an engaging and experienced trainer/facilitator having presented to diverse industries and large organisations, currently representing Davidson Trahaire Corpsych with excellent delivery. Including major banking and insurance, medical and legal firms, Boston Consulting group, Zenith media, IT, Government health and service departments, Engineering, Retail, Art gallery of NSW, and smaller business groups adding value to employees through 1 day seminars or longer residential leadership programs. Her seminars cover: resilience/ stress-management, work-life balance; communication skills, dealing with difficult people; self esteem and confidence, Relaxation training, creativity and future visioning. Whilst enjoying an early eclectic career in hospitality, television, media, retail and fashion industries, Simonette returned to University and completed two degrees in psychology: B.A. double major in psychology; Organisational psychology, and Applied counselling awarded at Swinburne University of Technology; moving to Sydney University and completing an M.A. & postgraduate diploma in clinical hypnosis; with further professional development attending specialist clinical training in CBT, ACT, E.M.D.R., couple therapy, marriage celebrant.