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  • SubGenre:Animals / Birds
  • Age Range (years):1 - 8
  • Language:English
  • Pages:32
  • Paperback ISBN:9798988691785

Birdly Ways

Birds of the Bible

by Tara Hall

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There are over 28 birds mentioned in the Bible. This book shares a unique trait and a portrait of these birds. All were painted with gouache (similar to watercolor) in their natural habitats - hoping to highlight the wonder of these feathered creatures. While translations sometimes altered the species of bird, this book focused on those found in the earliest versions of the Bible. For instance, the swan is mentioned in some King James versions, but the bird called a swan was actually referred to as an Ibis in the original texts. Hope the pictures spawn further interests in these amazing creations.

Many remember the dove being mentioned as the bird Noah sent off the ark to find land, very few may know that he actually sent the raven first. That is why the first bird pictured in this collection is the raven. Each of the birds presented in this children's book have been recorded in history for thousands of years. Each and every bird (or class of bird) is still flying around the world today! Their habitats are varied and each bird has a slew of traits that make them unique. This book mentions one trait per bird and it's hoped that it will encourage children to want to learn more. Several of the pictures used photography from talented photographers across the globe. To find more of their work, seek their websites listed in the back of the book. Their willingness to let me use their images as reference for these paintings is greatly appreciated. They all have many more photos of other species that will help your children grow their interests.
About the author
Funny how one word can pull you in a new direction- Grammy. Our first grandchild was born this year (2023) and when your heart grows- so do your intentions. To honor the goodness she brought into our family, I wanted to create content that affirms positive traits and the first is a presentation of fascinating birds found in the Bible. These birds represent diversity, perseverance, creation, and wonder. We can learn something from each one. While this book only focuses on one central trait, the hope is it will spur an interest in birds that will spawn more exploration. Encouraging the next generation to seek ways to be good stewards of our lands and resources is one of my shifts in directions. That starts through a love and interest for the creation around us. I chose to explore the birds of the Bible because of my love for history and truth, I found it very interesting looking at these birds who have been recorded for thousands of years still flying in my own backyard. My personal background was a career in pharmaceuticals, homeschooling our three children, teaching writing classes to homeschoolers and all done while living in 6 states over 35 years. My interests are gardening (bringing food sources for honey bees, birds, and butterflies), hitting the local trails with our rescue dogs, travel and dreaming up the next creation to inspire the next generation. I hope that this and future books will encourage everyone to tap into their creative side and create something that can inspire others.

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