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  • SubGenre:Sports
  • Language:English
  • Pages:208
  • Paperback ISBN:9798350905717

Basketball Slave

The Andy Johnson Harlem Globetrotter/NBA Story

by Mark Johnson

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"Basketball Slave: The Andy Johnson Harlem Globetrotter/NBA Story" is filled with extraordinary tales from the early Original Harlem Globetrotters who played before 1960. These men were the first to draw standing-room-only crowds and showcase basketball all over the world at a time when the NBA was struggling for attendance. Discovering the hidden history behind black athletes' slow, quota-based inception into the NBA, and how the Pre-1960 Original Harlem Globetrotters helped the NBA become the multibillion-dollar organization it is today. Many fans fondly remember these men because of the comedic entertainment and tricks with the ball; however, this book tells the untold secret behind the player's smiles.
In this book, Mark Johnson asks readers to consider, "if most of the best black basketball players in the early 50's from all around the country could not fully participate in the NBA, where do you think they played?" This book is the heart wrenching account of a young boy who became a man through the lessons of basketball. He grew up watching his family work in the cotton fields of Louisiana and began playing basketball barefoot in the streets of North Hollywood, California. As a high school basketball phenom, his education was undervalued. He was sent to a major university without graduating high school. While enrolled, Andy's college transcripts were manipulated to meet NCAA guidelines, and he was given a course load that would never lead to a degree. Finally, he was sold on the professional basketball auction block three times, with no ability to negotiate his pay or where he could play. It shows that players such as Lebron, Kobe, Jordan, and Magic came along at the right time. Andy "The Enforcer" was that dominant player in the 1950's (Globetrotters/Warriors/Chicago and Eastern league). Unfortunately, he came along at a time when black basketball players were barely accepted and not allowed to play freely in the NBA. Overcoming many obstacles, Johnson turned every devastating event into another opportunity by staying positive in the game of life.
About the author
Mark Johnson, the youngest son of Harlem Globetrotter/NBA Pioneer and Legend Andy Johnson, is an author and founder of the Pre-1960 Original Globetrotter Organization. He spent nearly 30 years gathering information about early basketball, primarily focusing on the era between 1930 – 1960. He uncovered the untold history of the first black basketball players who went around the world, providing stories of NBA pioneers at a time when Black Americans were not entirely accepted into the league. He saw a drastic need to talk about the price an athlete pays when institutions are not looking after their best interest. An advocate for young people, he created the Andy Johnson Foundation Inc. a (non-profit) to introduce sports history to the next generation while promoting education, career opportunities, equality, and social and economic change. He is a Philadelphia native and graduate of the SUNY at Old Westbury and holds a BS in Science. "Basketball Slave" has been the topic of numerous articles and featured on C-Span/Book TV and Slam magazine. Learn more about Mark Johnson and his work at http://www.originalharlemglobetrotters.com.