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  • Genre:MUSIC
  • SubGenre:Instruction & Study / Exercises
  • Language:English
  • Pages:52
  • Paperback ISBN:9798350949742

Basic Snare Drum

by Steve Faulkner

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After using this book you will have a strong rhythmic foundation. You will be able to count a variety of rhythmic notation.
The book starts with Whole notes and Whole rests and graduates in the correct chronological order. Whole notes and Whole rests, Half notes, and Half rests, Into Quarters, to Eighths, Sixteenths, and Thirty Second. As the notes and rests graduate, they also combine the previous rhythms. It is imperative that you pat your foot correctly and make your hands follow your foot. Timing is from the feet up not the hands down. Triplets, dotted notes, ties, and basic music theory are explained in the book. The book can be used as a drum set method. All the examples can be played on the drum set. To begin this process, you would put Quarter notes on the bass drum, and the hi-hat on beats 2 and 4 with your foot. Play all the examples on the snare drum to start. Then, move the rhythms around the kit. You can also play a "Swing rhythm on the Ride Cymbal and play the snare drum example with your free hand. A competent instructor will also be a great deal of help. He or she can guide you in the right direction. After completion of this book, you will have a solid rhythmic foundation that you can build upon. Practice and enjoy the book and the process! Steve Faulkner
About the author
Steve Faulkner is a career musician and private drum instructor. Steve has played a variety of musical genres. Secret City Band is the current original rock band. At this writing, they have two releases. "Secret City" and "Touch The Sky". All links are found on secretcityband.com. Steve was also the drummer for the Prog/Jam band Umbra. The Umbra CD and album {self-titled} are on the Lion Productions record label. It can be found in numerous retail outlets.