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  • Genre:MUSIC
  • SubGenre:Instruction & Study / Theory
  • Language:English
  • Pages:66
  • eBook ISBN:9780982155820

Basic Music Theory

by Joe Procopio

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The richest person in the world is poor without music. Basic Music Theory is the best, easiest and least expensive book you can have with music. This text is absolutely necessary to understand what things mean in music. It answers all your questions about chords, keys, scales, notes and intervals, etc. It also includes a special method developed only by the author to learn ALL your chords in ONE EASY EXERCISE. This unique exercise alone is worth more than the entire value of most music books. Basic Music Theory will complete your musical vocabulary, help you to become a fine musician and make your study of music enjoyable.


The author of this text has always believed that the richest person in the world is poor without music. As a teacher, Joe Procopio has spent a lifetime successfully enhancing and enriching the lives of all he has taught. Basic Music Theory is an easy to read book about music. It is the first step to take for anyone who is not trained in music but wants to become a musician. With this book you need not be a musician. It teaches you how to read music - from the very beginning. It is also perfect for those whose knowledge of the terms used in music is incomplete. This makes it ideal for the First Year Music Theory student whose text usually fails to give the student a complete understanding of the vocabulary and tools used in music. Now, for the first time, an inexpensive, easy read - easy to understand text is available for everyone to know what chords, scales, keys, notes and intervals are. In addition, Professor Procopio has included his own unique 48 Chord System that allows anyone to learn all their chords in ONE EASY EXERCISE. This simple exercise can be played with one hand on the piano or on any other instrument by anyone as is shown in the book. This exercise alone is worth more than the value of most music textbooks. To be sure, Basic Music Theory is the best, easiest and least expensive book you can have with music. Its sequel, Making Sense With Music (by the same author - also very inexpensive), is a masterpiece for understanding the whole world of music as easy as understanding your own language. It is the only book that actually turns notes into words. Basic Music Theory will eliminate any fear you may have of music and help you become a musician with confidence. In Making Sense With Music you will be able to see, hear and understand all of the world’s most beautiful music. Both books unlock the language, mystery and magic of music. Both books promise and pledge to make your life more abundant, more beautiful and more enjoyable.

About the author

Joe Procopio (ascap) Artist/Composer/Conductor Professional Musician/ Artist/ Leader/Lead Alto Sax for many of the nation’s top recording artists including: Steve and Eydie Gorme, The Temptations, Aretha Franklin, Tony Bennett, Lawrence Welk, Frankie Avalon, Frankie Laine, Jack Jones, Kathryn Grayson, Carmel Quinn, Don Cornell, Bobby Rydell, Vic Damone, Rodney Dangerfield, Foster Brooks, The Vagabonds, The Ritz Brothers, Sammy Cohn, Jimmy Van Heusen, Tiny Tim, Al Martino, Petula Clark, Wayne Newton, Pat Cooper,etc. Lead Reed Central New York, Jack Palmer Orchestra 1970 – 1988 “The Procopio Brothers” Joe and Greg Procopio Sax and Guitar Duo 1976-1988 Artist/Writer Warner Brothers/Mercury/ Kama Sutra/Buddah Records 1965 – 1975 Child Prodigy “guest” guitarist for Miller, Dorsey, and other Big Bands Conductor Boston Symphony Orchestra student – summer 1963 Clarinetist Conservatory Of Milan, Italy 1964 Lead Alto Sax Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra Savoy Theater Myrtle Beach, SC 1996 – 2000 Lead Reed Palace Theater MB,SC,’99-01: Chorus Line, Phantom, Ain’t Misbehavin’, Sunset Blvd,etc. Teacher/Administrator Miles Clark Endowed Chair, Music, College of the Albemarle, Elizabeth City, NC 2001-2004 Chairman Music Department Cazenovia Central School Cazenovia, NY 1965 – 1988 Director Of Instrumental Music Chapel Hill High School Chapel Hill, NC 1988 - 1993 Instructor Applied Music Cazenovia College Cazenovia, NY part-time 1978 – 1981 Deaconate St. James Church Cazenovia, NY, (candidate) Diocese of Syracuse, NY 1980 - 1988 Awards/Honors I am indexed. Listed in the Londeix as ‘Compositeur Americain’ in “150 Years Of Music For Saxophone” International Publication by Jean-Marie Londeix, Roncorp 1994 pg.212, pg.293 Teacher Of Guitarist T. Maxwell heard in TV’s Magnum P.I., The Rockford Files, Kojak Awarded membership in American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers 1987 Top 25 International and Award Of Excellence Music City Song Festival Nashville, TN 1986/1988 Recording Artist Award International Competition By Columbia Records and ASF 1982 Full Tuition Scholarship Conservatory Of Milan, Italy 1964 Conductor Scholarship Boston Symphony Orchestra (1 of 16 from 22 countries) 1963 Candidate Woodrow Wilson and Danforth Foundation Fellowships 1963 Publications Making Sense With Music - Book/CD Basic Music Theory - Book Joe Procopio “Live In Concert” , “Saxology”, “All In My Life” “Pethoven” Special Music For Pets And People “Theme And Three Variations For Saxophone Alone” Premier at World Congress Saxophones 1974; “Barbie”, “St. Mary’s Song” JB Linear Music “Looking For The Good Life” Bear Down Pub; Title song for Dirty Dancing II Vestron 1988 “Arietta”; Flute Solo Lake State Publications Grand Rapids, MI; “Sudden Loneliness”, “Let Me Try” Kama Sutra NY, NY; “Love Believes” Sunrise Recs, Hollywood, CA; “Making Sense With Music”, “Saxology”, The Easy Way To Read Music” etc. books/ solos Published by Gordie Music Chapel Hill, NC; Terry Tickle and His Swing City Big Band, Ravensong Records Education B.S. 1963 Education, Crane School Of Music, SUNY Potsdam, NY M.S. 1973 Education, Crane School Of Music, SUNY Potsdam, NY Certificate Of Music Conducting and Clarinet Boston Symphony Orchestra 1963 Certificate Of Music Conservatory Of Milan, Giuseppe Verdi Milan Italy 1964 Teachers Conducting: Robert Shaw, Igor Stravinsky, Eric Leinsdorf, Eugene Ormandy; Saxophone: Earl Bostic, Dr. James Stoltie; Clarinet: Gino B. Cioffi Principal Clarinet Boston Symphony Orchestra, A. Prisco Conservatory Of Milan, G.Boralli RAI Italia, Louis Marucci (protégé Pinti/ Toscanni); Guitar: Frank Vaccaro; Composition: Aaron Copland, Gunther Schuller