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  • SubGenre:Healthy Living
  • Language:English
  • Pages:206
  • Paperback ISBN:9781734549843

Ayurveda: Breaking the Rules Without Breaking the Principles

A Clinical Approach to Lifestyle Medicine

by Amita Nathwani and Lindsay Mattison

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"Ayurveda: Breaking the Rules Without Breaking the Principles" is a transformative guide to understanding and practicing Ayurveda, a 5,000-year-old science, with a personalized approach grounded in Lifestyle Medicine, epigenetics, and spirituality.
"Ayurveda: Breaking the Rules Without Breaking the Principles" serves as a comprehensive introduction to the ancient healing art of Ayurveda, meticulously woven with elements of Lifestyle Medicine. The book unravels the fundamental principles of this 5,000-year-old science, emphasizing the need for balance in body, mind, and spirit. The key to this healing discipline, as the book elaborates, lies in self-knowledge and establishing a deep connection with the natural world. Once the basic principles are comprehended, the book encourages readers to break traditional rules to tailor the practice to their unique needs, respecting the fact that Ayurveda was not designed to create a uniform path for all. The book further explores the beauty and philosophy of Ayurveda, relating it to the fields of epigenetics and spirituality, thus fostering a mind-body union and self-awareness about how our choices influence our well-being. Readers are guided to contemplate various aspects of their lives, from the climate they live in and their upbringing to their genetic makeup and personal belief system, all influencing their individual health journey. The book offers insight into creating a personalized Ayurvedic lifestyle, including daily routines like sleep hygiene, oral health, gut alkalization, self-oil massage (abhyanga), yoga asanas, pranayama breathwork techniques, and meditation. It also delves into crafting simple meals promoting health for all dosha types, using the right ingredients and food combinations.
About the author

Amita Nathwani is a respected Ayurvedic practitioner, acclaimed teacher, author, and valued faculty member at the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine. Specializing in a psycho-spiritual approach, she advocates for the multifaceted role of Ayurveda in healing, acknowledging the complexities of life's circumstances. Amita's educational journey began at the Maharishi School of Ayurveda and Sanskrit Studies in Bangalore, India, and continued at the Maharishi International University in Fairfield, IA. She obtained her master's degree in Ayurveda in 2003, symbolizing her commitment to bridging traditional Ayurvedic practices with modern clinical applications. Her driving passion is to incorporate Lifestyle Medicine into medical school curriculums globally. In doing so, she seeks to educate healthcare providers and empower individuals with a holistic and comprehensive approach to health and healing. Amita's work strives to create a seamless blend of age-old wisdom and contemporary science, fostering a deeper understanding of the human body and spirit.

Lindsay D. Mattison is a culinary writer and developmental editor with a passion for food sustainability. After graduating from Cascade Culinary School, Lindsay worked as the executive chef of a farm-to-table restaurant in Bend, Oregon. She still cooks professionally for pop-up events, although she spends most of her time writing, developing recipes, and editing. Drawing on her professional chef background, Lindsay masterfully blends flavors from various cultures to create delicious dishes. Her expertise lies in guiding cooks and food enthusiasts to embrace seasonal ingredients and craft meals that celebrate their region’s unique offerings. As an editor, Lindsay specializes in helping people shape projects into polished works, bringing out the best in every writer so their voice shines brightly on the page.

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Exactly what I needed I knew I loved the principles of Ayurveda, but I never felt like I could really live by them while also having a modern life. I've read up a decent amount on the subject, and this is the first book that I've found that really makes this lifestyle approach accessible and sustainable. Also, I've already made the coconut "curry" dish about four times and can't get enough of it!! Thanks for sharing your wisdom with the world Amita 3 Read more
Must read! This is a must read for anyone that wants to live a healthier life. Great ideas to easily incorporate lifestyle medicine into your life so you can feel better on all levels. I've tried a couple of the recipes which are amazing! Check out the lasagna paneer and turmeric chipotle soft scrambled egg recipe plus many more. Read more