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  • SubGenre:Personal Success
  • Language:English
  • Pages:174
  • Hardcover ISBN:9785903966677

Awareness: The New Key to Success

by Philippe Rebillard

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Can simply being more aware of your actions and mindset help you to reach your goals? This book is your personal assistant to success in your business and personal life. It's time to implement awareness into your everyday routine. Gain assistance in starting a business, avoid standard mistakes that will slow any business down, and possess the advantage of finally understanding yourself!
"Awareness—The New Key to Success" is the ultimate guide to success in business and personal life. Are you ready to transform your life? Have you even wondered the following questions? • Where is the top of my potential? • Can I get back on track after a failure? • Who am I, really? Life is an endless marathon, with ever-changing goals, objectives, and achievements. We will fail and divert our ideas onto new paths. But what if these "failures" are simply misinterpretations of a situation? People may find themselves drowning in a flow of information, having to give it their all just to remain where they are. Getting to a different place would require going even faster. It's time to be aware. The way to prepare for change is to become changeable. Stop, take a breather, and find a comfortable rhythm. Financial success isn't going anywhere. Life's challenges are now within your capability. Implement the knowledge about awareness into your routine and level up your game! The right mindset will make your business thrive and your personal life shine. This book is your personal assistant to success in life. Start shaping your own reality and your own success!
About the author
Top influencer of the MLM industry. Expert and coach - introduced over 100 millionaires to the MLM world. President of "WinWinPeople Capital". Founder of the "Coaching Synergy" EdTech project. Founder of "MySwitPlanet" - an international IT platform with a marketplace and cashback service.