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  • Genre:MEDICAL
  • SubGenre:Family & General Practice
  • Language:English
  • Pages:164
  • eBook ISBN:9780988992306

Asperger's/Asd: Making Life Easier, Safer, Better

(A Parent's Roadmap to Sanity)

by Anton M Swenson , Anna Marie Brown and Jenny Bastet Brown

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Asperger's/ASD is a combined narrative, toolkit, and resourse guide for parents of those on the Autism Spectrum, as well as caregivers. It is a detailed narrative of one family's struggle to get a clear diagnosis for their son, and the long road to a step-by-step plan to gain control of all the medical & psychological problems they struggled with.
This book, Asperger’s/ASD: Making Life Easier, Safer, Better (A Parent’s Roadmap to Sanity), is a narrative, a handbook, and a toolkit all rolled into one. As a narrative it details the personal history of one family’s struggle with their son’s Asperger’s. As a handbook it addresses the whole set of problems that come with Asperger’s/ASD. And as a toolkit it better equips you to confront these problems, so they are easier to visualize and break down into manageable pieces. With this book you will: Gain a clearer understanding of the subtleties of Asperger’s Syndrome, with special attention paid to the more difficult to identify co-occurring problems. Learn about disability insurance and supplemental income programs, and how to access them for your child. Understand why you need to develop an Individual Education Plan for your child. Address your child’s future (home, work, relationships, self-care, and independence). Be able to set up your care community person by person, specialty by specialty, until all issues are addressed. Make life within the home less painful physically, financially, and emotionally. The unique layout of this book is practical, useful, and easy to reference. It is written with unsparing honesty and bright flashes of humor and empathy by a father who learned about Asperger’s the hard way—through trial and error. With emphasis throughout placed on early intervention and treatment, “dividing and conquering,” and parental involvement, as well as an excellent Resources and Further Reading section to guide your additional research, Asperger’s/ASD: Making Life Easier, Safer, Better (A Parent’s Roadmap to Sanity), is a book you’ll come back to again and again throughout your child’s development. (Teachers, counselors, and healthcare and social services specialists will find it useful, too.)
About the author
A classic Norwegian bachelor farmer, now married with boy-girl twins. He lives in suburban Portland, Oregon