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  • Genre:HUMOR
  • SubGenre:Topic / Politics
  • Language:English
  • Pages:340
  • eBook ISBN:9781667842158
  • Paperback ISBN:9781667823256

Are You Ready For It

Artificial Intelligence in Politics Revised Edition

by L Hanson

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Jump in and have some fun. Political books can be way too serious, not this one. Take the journey as we follow La Firm's attempt to inject their candidate, Trekker Hammond, into the highest office in the United States. This book is a Political Fiction Satire with actual history, dates, and locations. Could the actions divulged in this story happen in real life? You will have to determine the answer to that question yourself.
We have all heard the quote, "Follow the Money," not sure where or who first admonished this paraphrase, but to be sure, there is a great deal of truth in the words. Money is power; power is control. Dictators have used this from the beginning of time. Keep the populace poor, furnish their basic needs, you have control of their votes. Living in the United States gives us a huge advantage as our constitution allows us to live in a capitalistic society. However, as great as we are, some individuals and groups would like to change this wonderful system and replace it with socialism. It sounds good to some, especially to naïve millennials, but socialism has failed everywhere it has been tried. This story takes place from the early 1980s to current events. Read along as if a fly on the wall to the private conversations one might hear between those with power and those who desire to take it away. Ascertain why common sense is absent when the need to control becomes more important than life itself. Discover how one group of very influential individuals attempts to control the highest office in the United States, "The Presidency." Learn about Hammond Trekker and how he became a rock star politician. The actions in this story are not so far-fetched that they couldn't occur in society in the near future. You need to ask yourself, are they taking place today?
About the author
About the Author A Viet Nam Veteran and political buff, I have enjoyed an adventurous life, gaining many friends and acquaintances along the way. From the Military to the Racehorse Industry, as a Realtor, and then into Hospitality, my adventures never end. Writing a book is an inspiration I carried for many years. The fun part is the research and then putting those thoughts and ideas together to create something special. The goal of my first book, "ARE YOU READY FOR IT?" self-published in 2019, was to write a story that pertains to current events but injects some humor and questions into the political environment. I have completed the Revised Addition and hope as many as possible will read it before the fall elections. Writing a book is hard, and if you are a first-time writer, even harder to get published. Going the self-published route using BookBaby to print and distribute my work was a great learning experience. My second book, GAME SHOW is completed, and I hope to have it released soon. Stay tuned L Hanson