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  • SubGenre:Entrepreneurship
  • Language:English
  • Series title:"Savannah Entrepreneur of the Year"
  • Series Number:1
  • Pages:32
  • Paperback ISBN:9798350943641


Otjipari Kahavandje na Katjiungu


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In the vast African savannah, the clever jackal Kahavandje and the sly hyena Katjiungu engage in a friendly entrepreneurial competition. The animals are tasked with creating and selling crafts from local resources. Kahavandje's creativity shines as they fashion beautiful feather jewelry. In contrast, Katjiungu, envious, attempts deceit by creating counterfeit versions. The animals see through the deception, and Kahavandje's genuine creations thrive, teaching a valuable lesson about success through hard work and integrity.
In the expansive landscape of the African savannah, a tale unfolds featuring two distinct characters—Kahavandje, the smart jackal known for cleverness, and Katjiungu, the puckish hyena with sly tendencies but lacking the same intellectual prowess. The story centers around their participation in a friendly entrepreneurial competition organized by the animals of the savannah. The competition requires participants to create and sell unique crafts using resources found in their surroundings, with the coveted title of "Savannah Entrepreneur of the Year" at stake. Kahavandje, guided by their sharp mind and resourceful nature, quickly devises a plan. They notice an abundance of colorful feathers from various birds in the area and, fueled by creativity, transform them into exquisite decorative fans and jewelry. On the other hand, Katjiungu struggles to come up with a unique idea, wandering aimlessly with a mind clouded by thoughts of trickery and shortcuts. As the day of the competition approaches, Kahavandje proudly displays their beautifully crafted feather creations, capturing the admiration of the savannah animals. In contrast, Katjiungu, lacking a genuine creation, grows envious of Kahavandje's success. Attempting to outsmart Kahavandje, Katjiungu pretends to offer a partnership, but the wise jackal sees through the hyena's intentions and declines. Undeterred, Katjiungu resorts to creating counterfeit versions of Kahavandje's feather jewelry in hopes of making a quick profit. However, the animals of the savannah are not easily fooled. They recognize the poor quality and lack of craftsmanship in Katjiungu's fake jewelry. Word spreads, exposing the deceit, and the animals appreciate Kahavandje's genuine creations for their true value and quality. In the end, Kahavandje's business flourishes, and their reputation as a wise and honest entrepreneur grows. The story imparts a valuable lesson to the animals—true success comes from hard work, creativity, and integrity. Kahavandje becomes an inspiration for others with their wisdom, while Katjiungu learns the importance of honesty and fair play. The tale of the clever jackal and the sly hyena becomes a cherished story among the animals, serving as a reminder to be wise as serpents but harmless as doves in all their endeavors.
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