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  • Genre:RELIGION
  • SubGenre:Theosophy
  • Language:English
  • Pages:1000
  • eBook ISBN:9798350950793

Anthroposophy, Evil and Our Human Life

by Elizabeth Ellen

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A Collection of Essays drawing from the Spiritual philosophy of Rudolf Steiner. It includes a commentaries of spiritual streams within the Anthroposophical movement with particular emphasis on the conceptions of Evil.
In our times, right now, we are presiding over the total destruction of the human soul. It is not only Nature that is disintegrating, it is the human being. Leaving aside arguments pertaining to comparing differing cultural time periods, our time is seeing a new form of what I will be calling evil. This evil as such is a force, so often part of the archetypal unconscious in the human mind. I call this the evil that is the culprit. Our Anthocene era, that is being demonstrated by the scientifically confirmed phenomena of climate change, also contains the dramatic dislocation of all that can be seen as to be human and good, for humanities cultural and spiritual wellbeing. All that is good in the soul of the archetype of our humanity. The face that is infiltrating and affecting is subtle, persuasive and absolute. Rudolf Steiner had the spiritual courage and insight to perceive and articulate this malevolent force in the human being. This book is an attempt to use the concepts of Anthroposophy in a fully contemporary way, to further define, clarify and understand these destructive social and personal psycho-pathologies. It is a presumption of this book that readers have a knowledge of Anthroposophy. Readers should be encouraged to explore the basic books by Rudolf Steiner as a grounding for a full understanding of this book.
About the author
Elizabeth Ellen Writer of Women's Spirituality, Feminist Theology, healing and recovery I was born in a small, seaside town where I was surrounded by nature and the sea. I have been a spiritual seeker for many years, walked many paths and learnt from many spiritual teachers. I have drawn from traditions including Wicca, Buddhism, contemplative Christianity and Eco and feminist theology. After several years living in England and Germany were I visited many sacred sites, I have now come back to Australia. I have studied spiritual philosophy, including Anthroposophy, religion and psychology. I have a Bachelor of Arts in English and Women's Studies, an honours degree in music composition and a Master of Divinity. In 2021, I published a memoir "A thread of light - a spiritual odyssey towards a new self. Email: sistersofthehealinglight@gmail.com Ph: +61 (0)409 927 425 Instagram : circle_of_sophia