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  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:290
  • eBook ISBN:9781626757110


A Journey Through Love

by Victoria Popescu

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As she embarks on a healing journey, 32-year-old Anita becomes aware of a deep connection between her body and her emotions. She also comes to realize that some things will never happen and she needs to accept that. She finds greater meaning in life and learns to love unconditionally. She's convinced that there can't be more, until she discovers that certain lives are linked across time.
At the age of 32, while her materialistic needs are being filled, Anita Perin experiences an inner emptiness she cannot explain. She becomes more confused as she falls in love with her new boss Fred, a man who cannot return her love, or so she thinks. An opportunity for a career change comes during a short vacation, and Anita leaves the city of Toulouse and moves to Paris. Busy with her new life, she feels somehow that her love for Fred has abated. But when she starts going out with a new boyfriend, Anita realizes that her heart still belongs to Fred. Gradually she loses interest in her new job, and the impression that her life is meaningless sends her into depression. After spending two weeks with her parents in the countryside, she feels much better; however, when she returns to Paris, a mild incident brings her to the doctor and she is diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder. Childhood memories related to death surface and Anita realizes how uncertain life is. She feels a great desire to live more fully and becomes aware of a connection between her emotions and her body. A strong interior dialog develops, and she can slowly “hear” the voice of her heart. Encouraged by this inner voice, Anita stops fighting her love for Fred. Instead, she chooses to feel that love to its deepest while working on letting go of her profound desire to be with him. This is how she comes to experience unconditional love, not only for him but also for herself. Progressively, her awareness expands; in a moment of great clarity of mind, she "reads" deep within the core of her being that life has a greater meaning. One night, she has a powerful dream about writing and decides to write the story of Fred and her in the way her heart and her intuition guide her to write it. Working on the story, Anita feels happy, secure, and peaceful. The emptiness is gone, and she has an amazing sensation of a high vibration energy traveling through her body. Her doctor announces improvement in her condition, despite the fact that she has discontinued medication, and Anita realizes that finding herself is the key to her healing. What Anita does not know, however, is that the story she wrote turns out to become her true story and the beginning of her new life.
About the author
Victoria Popescu was born in Romania. She has travelled to a number of countries and lived in the United States, New Caledonia and France, where she currently lives with her husband and their two sons. A reflexologist and healer, Victoria has spent much of the last eight years giving healing sessions and deepening her comprehension of healing through the human energy field and the universal connection of a human being. Anita- A journey through love is her first novel.