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  • Genre:NATURE
  • SubGenre:General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:80
  • Paperback ISBN:9781543948097

ANGELS, An All-Catholic Summary

by John Cannon

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This book is a summary of the stunning facts about ANGELS, the most powerful natural forces ever made by the omnipotent all-powerful Creator of the world. It is a compilation of the information obtained from learned philosophers, who used "deductive reasoning" (that starts with a broad known fact, such as knowing of the angels' very existence by their being mentioned in scripture over 200 times, then reasons to smaller details), and "inductive reasoning" (using accumulation of smaller details to arrive at general conclusions). The sources of the information have been given the Catholic Church bishops' "imprimatur" and "nihil obstat" at the time the works were published, assuring no deviation from Catholic Church doctrine, and they have been quoted directly in this book. Knowledge of the angels, and the role they have been given in our human lives, reveals the stunning, almost unbelievable dignity of the human race, and our importance to God himself!
This compilation of teachings on the nature and attributes of Angels, will leave you absolutely amazed at their power, their love for the human race (as fellow so-journers in the Lord's natural world) and aware of the almost unfathomable dignity of every man and woman created to eventually be a "brother" or "sister" of the Almightly himself!
About the author
Catholic education grammar school through university. Bachelor of Arts, minor in philosophy of St. Thomas. Career in county law enforcement, and Oregon Attorney General's Office, while being dedicated to St Michael the Archangel (patron of law officers). Condensed and compiled the most important, to-the-point, information together on angels that has been written by Catholic scholars, so that it can be seen and appreciated with awe and gratitude to our Creator! The book is a compilation of the facts as written by authors of great authority in the area.