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Book details
  • SubGenre:Ancient Mysteries & Controversial Knowledge
  • Language:English
  • Series title:Movies For The Mind Series
  • Series Number:1
  • Pages:284
  • eBook ISBN:9780982004920

And Yet A Little While

A Scripted Novel About Pre-Birth Planning

by Linda J. Brown

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Do you know that you planned your life before you were born? And, how is that going for you? Did you know that spiritual souls plan difficult lives in order to advance rapidly? Could that be why things have been so tough lately? Have you realized yet that "impossible relationships" usually mean... That you have come back into life, planning to get it right - THIS TIME?
Set on the shore of an Antarctic harbor, this screenplay novel follows the course of a dozen souls returning to a new life on Earth after their pre-birth planning sessions in the non-material, heavenly realm. A Quonset hut at the end of Nowhere/the beginning of Somewhere, serves as the allegorical borderline between the heavenly and the earthly planes of existence. It is here that the new recruits are briefed and sent to their births. Each is hoping to develop their spiritual character or to solve thorny psychological relationship problems during a return to Earth. We follow their lives as they tackle obstacles and high points set forth in their own birth plans, which have now become completely erased from memory. This is not a case of predestination, but is more like the work of an Olympic athlete designing difficult hurdles on a training course, hoping to become a champion. Here is an examination of the joys and pitfalls of human endeavor in a material plane of existence such as Earth provides. It is a companion book to "In Secret Diffusion: The Upper Realm Answers Questions About Earth", by the same author and is Volume One in her Movies For The Mind Series.
About the author
Linda J. Brown grew up in Winter Haven, Florida and graduated from the University of Florida School of Journalism and Communications. She married a physician and raised two children, later becoming involved in the Citizen Diplomacy movement at the opening of the Soviet Union; planning and leading a number of grassroots tours to encourage people-to-people friendship and increase the prospects of world peace. She spent a total of eighteen months within Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and Siberia, between 1990 and 1994. The inner life came suddenly and in spurts, fifteen years apart. Though she was always a lover of God, the opening of spiritual hearing channels, in 1980, presented a challenge for Brown and her whole family as she was originally presumed to be losing her mind. Schizophrenia was the considered opinion of one psychiatrist. Rather than disappoint those counting upon her to remain sane, Brown got control of her runaway Inner Voices and spent many more years pretending to be normal. However, the Holy Spirit doesn't wait forever and in 1995 He came calling once again. By thise time, her children were grown and she was divorced, so she went with it. The ensuing spiritual adventure took her backpacking around the world alone for a year. A book resulted. Then another book came along two years later, confessing her ability to chat at will with the Holy Spirit and record the conversations. This fiction is her third book. More are already in the pipeline.