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  • SubGenre:Political Ideologies / Conservatism & Liberalism
  • Language:English
  • Pages:266
  • eBook ISBN:9781667841243
  • Paperback ISBN:9781667841236

America’s Loveless Age: Trumpism, FemPower, the End of Patriarchy

(Why Singleton is the New Normal)

by Noel Terry

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“Seeking Mr Right, no Trumpers please”. In a Trumpism-divided America, politics are high on the minds of daters, especially women. Trump’s misogyny while pandering to patriarchal grievances reflected back onto his supporters, creating fractures that insidiously bled into the dating world and beyond. Marriage fell to a 118 year low. Discover the underlying reasons why so many voted for a divisive leader nostalgic for the past and why he failed. The 2021 insurrection is explored as a possible forerunner for worse to come, contrasting Hitler's 1930s with Trumpism's 2020s. But as Trumpism plots a return to power, a twist out of Left Field looms.


This book holds up the mirror of truth that America badly needs. While it analyses Trump-era politics and the divisive cracks that developed, it shows how they became wider since Trump's 2020 election loss. Firstly, how Trump won the 2016 election against all odds is explored. When people lose their livelihoods while their traditional values are under siege, the result is populist rage and scapegoating in a vicious cultural war. Trump so exploited and exacerbated the situation that it ultimately drove a wedge between friends, and even family. His misogyny and anti-woman agenda while pandering to patriarchal grievances created fractures that insidiously bled into marriage and romantic markets. As matchmaker eHarmony put it: "politics are on the minds of daters more than ever" while marriage fell to a 118-year low. When polarization gets to the stage that singleton becomes the new normal, you sense the country is in the Loveless Age and in trouble. 

While the book examines the reasons why so many voted for a divisive leader nostalgic for the past and why he failed, it reveals how the Trumpism plot to return to power is met with a twist out of Left Field. Given Trump's MAGA promise failed men since their work got automated while women got hired in a post-industrial economy more congenial to female skills, the crisis in masculinity prompted many yearning for marriage and fatherhood to re-evaluate traditional masculinity. Enter ambitious women (who didn't vote the anti-feminist Trump) recognizing their smartest career move is to MARRY DOWN to helpmate "daddy-trackers" (this is contrasted with marry-up strategies where patriarchy is still seen as the solution to the American Dream, hence the book is useful as self-help in today's muddled mating politics). Could this new mating convention with more women the primary breadwinner empowered to reverse the patriarchal tradition in how households vote, ultimately scorch a Trump/clone comeback in 2024?

About the author

Noel Terry is a freelance journalist and author with a B.A. in sociology and American history. Having lived in South Africa during the apartheid era he had a front-row seat to white nationalist fears of losing superior status, which he now sees happening in the browning of US today. He witnessed how many young South Africans, both black and white, fought for change. An avid traveler, Noel ventured into some political hotspots, including Central America where he experienced first-hand the reasons why many seek to migrate to the US. His sociological research led to his debut book, "Marriage War: Lipstick Breadwinners, Erotic Housewives", which was featured in various media outlets. He has been a contributor to the television series Planet America. Minnesota is his spiritual home.