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  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Legends & Mythology
  • Language:English
  • Pages:28
  • Hardcover ISBN:9798350902549

Amara the Mermaid

by Eric Jackson-Scott MD and Amara Jackson-Scott

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"Amara the Mermaid" is a delightful and enchanting children's book about a Black mermaid princess named Amara and her exciting underwater adventure.


Follow Amara and her mermaid friends as they explore the beautiful depths of the ocean and discover the treasures it holds. As they swim and play, they encounter Mr. Crab, one of their good friends. They say" Hey" to him and continue their journey. Soon, they discover a sunken treasure full of gold diamonds and golden tiaras, which they enjoy playing with and admiring. Amara and her friends also enjoy the simple pleasures of being a mermaid, like blowing bubbles and floating up to the ocean surface. But as the day draws to a close, King Triton comes to find them and remind them it's time for bed. This book is a heartwarming and fun-filled adventure that will capture the imagination of young readers. With colorful illustrations and engaging characters, "Amara the Mermaid" is a wonderful story to share with children, encouraging them to use their imagination and explore the world around them. A Black mermaid book for kids with a diverse group of mermaids.

About the author

Eric Jackson-Scott is a practicing physician turned children's book author who has a passion for helping others and spreading positivity through his stories. He is the proud father of his beautiful daughter, Amara Jackson-Scott, who co-authored his latest book, "Amara the Mermaid." When Eric isn't busy writing and promoting his books, he can be found relaxing on the beach, exploring new destinations through his travels, or meditating to center his mind and soul. He believes that a calm and peaceful mind is the key to a fulfilling life, and he hopes to inspire children to adopt this mindset through his stories. With a warm and engaging writing style, Eric creates lovable characters that teach important life lessons, such as the value of friendship, self-acceptance, and overcoming challenges. His books have touched the hearts of children and adults alike, and he continues to inspire and uplift readers of all ages. Eric and Amara are dedicated to making a positive impact on the world through writing and helping others. Amara is a soon to be kindergartener who is a creative writer and an avid reader.  They hope to inspire children to dream big, embrace their uniqueness, and make a difference in their own way with Amara the Mermaid.

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