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  • SubGenre:Development / Sustainable Development
  • Language:English
  • Pages:344
  • Paperback ISBN:9781667875187

Affordable Solutions for Climate Change

That are Achievable and Aspirational

by Daniel D. Watch

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Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are unacceptable. Politicians working together, enacting policies that address many of the problems created by climate change, will make the future brighter for everyone. Businesses are stepping up to provide innovative solutions, funding for green projects, and leading to solve problems created by climate change. Citizens working hard each day supporting sustainable habits can quickly reduce problems associated with climate change. Solutions require everyone to not only be informed, but also to enact every day.
It is frustrating to hear "it costs more money". Many times, this statement is made because of a lack of knowledge, not having the latest thinking on the topic, or simply opposed to solutions to address climate change. This document will inform on the recent costs, paybacks, savings and opportunities as we reduce carbon. This book is intended to help people, companies and governments make decisions today to IMPLEMENT NOW to reduce carbon and save money. I am advocating to do as much as possible now that has a seven-year payback or less while addressing climate change. Some ideas will save money immediately. I have focused on mainstream solutions that can be implemented quickly. Success stories and lessons learned are shared. The most technically feasible, cost‐effective and socially acceptable ideas are proposed in this book. My intentions are to show data that is accurate and easy to understand. Positive change needs to happen at all levels, in the U.S. and across the world. There are over 40 solutions documented with proposals for the government, private industry and citizens to implement. Each solution is discussed in a way that anyone should be able to understand and make decisions on. The latest data, lessons learned, and research are provided. Intended Audience is for everyone, with focus on three groups: 1. Government at all levels in the U.S., 2. Private Industry and Academics, and 3. Citizens. Each of the three groups has an important role in addressing climate change and the book clearly documents how each can contribute.
About the author
Daniel Watch, FAIA, NCARB, LEED AP He has written over 50 articles, spoken at over 100 conferences globally and authored four books. Mr. Watch's work advocates sustainability in his writing and presentations that have educated thousands. Mr. Watch has 30+ years of experience leading complex large-scale sustainability projects and teams. Dan's teams have designed and built major projects in nine countries. He has traveled outside the U.S. over 250 times to China, Singapore, Brazil and several countries in the Middle East and Europe. Dan has spoken at several universities in U.S., China and in the Middle East on sustainable design issues. Dan presents many of his latest ideas at Harvard University annually to 40 international developers who are most interested in the latest innovations that make financial sense and support a better, more sustainable world. He is very happy to share his research with others. dan.watch@4globalgood.org