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  • SubGenre:Buildings / Residential
  • Language:English
  • Pages:166
  • Hardcover ISBN:9798350946703

Affordable DIY Steel Frame Homes

Building the Dream

by Rodger Ford

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A global revolution in home construction, shifting from timber to cold-formed steel (CFS), slashes costs and construction time. Precision machinery and design software ensure perfect assembly, empowering even DIYers. Environmental benefits abound, with minimal waste and high recyclability
So, how has this changed the landscape? For a start, CFS is a far better material than timber or lumber to build with. It doesn't warp, shrink, twist or expand, and it doesn't burn in a fire. In addition, when building a frame for a house, there is usually a 20% waste of materials when using wood, yet less than 1% when using CFS. And the steel used is 95% recyclable, so it has genuinely green credentials. The machinery in question has been developed by a company in New Zealand called Framecad. The company spotted a need for properties with steel skeletons in Australia because of the destructive nature of fauna such as termites and wood boring insects and set about creating a 'printing' machine to accurately produce all the elements which, when assembled, created wall panels and roof trusses that could very quickly be assembled once delivered on site. With these steel panels and trusses, the skeleton for a modest property can be erected in just days as opposed to weeks, and you don't need costly, skilled workmen like joiners to be present, just a handful of people with relatively practical DIY skills. Where this is revolutionizing things is in the realm of accessory dwelling units (ADUs), also known as affordable housing. With the dramatic reduction in time to erect a skeleton for an ADU, the costs of construction are also greatly reduced, resulting in more people being able to afford to buy their own property and a boom in the number of competent DIYers who are choosing to build their own property. In reality, there are only two things you need in order to build a property that will last you a lifetime – solid foundations and a robust frame or skeleton. Thanks to the teaming up of Framecad with Frame Up Now, the latter is all but guaranteed.
About the author
Rodger Ford is an entrepreneur entering his ninth decade with the same zest for life he had in his third. He is the visionary behind Frame Up Now. Renowned for founding AlphaGraphics, expanding it to 400 locations across 20 countries by 1988, he also revolutionized pet boarding with PetsHotel, acquired by PetsMart. As CEO of SynCardia, he pioneered artificial heart technology. Now, his entrepreneurial spirit fuels his commitment to affordable housing through cold-formed steel frame construction.