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  • SubGenre:Holism
  • Language:English
  • Pages:242
  • eBook ISBN:9781098383152
  • Paperback ISBN:9781098383145


Your Wish is Fulfilled!

by Robert Anthony Kreucher, DC, PhD

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I Am blessed to present a Handbook for Life – an Owner's Manual – to Create the New You: ABRACADABRA! Rather than being gibberish or a magical incantation such as: Open, Sesame! or Open! Says!! Me!!! Abracadabra is from ancient Aramaic – abra'q ad habra – and literally means: I create as I speak! Indeed. We do! Ancient words of wisdom prove, there is "nothing new under the sun"! Plutarch said long ago: "What You achieve inwardly, changes Your outer reality!" and Buddha: "You are what You think; with Your thoughts You make Your world." and Essene Master Jesus: "The Kingdom of Heaven is Within You!" 

Welcome to the born-again NAACP: The National Association for the Advancement of Conscious People. Take Charge of the Rest of Your Life! Since NOW is forever… Be in the Here and nOw with Dedication, Devotion and Discipline. Dedication to Your Principles engages the thinking body. Devotion to Your Heart's Purpose engages the feeling body. Discipline with Your Protocol engages the acting body. This 3D holistic approach assures Success in our 3D-world.

Know Thyself. Be Aware of Yourself as Consciousness. Create Your Wish Fulfilled. Create the New You. How to Know Thyself? Discipline is the catalyst, the enzyme that ferments and produces beneficial changes. If discipline has been a challenge for You in the past, give Yourself permission to make this easy. With the Power of Intention – eloquently discussed in Lynne McTaggart's The Field – affirm: I Am Now Easily Doing This! And, rather than beat Yourself up about perceived failure or falling short of a specific goal, give Yourself credit with every small success. Soon You will find Yourself saying: "I feel great about my Life! I actually enjoy being disciplined in my choices because I'm beginning to notice the difference in the mirror!"

Blessings on Your Sacred Journey! ~.~*


In this Digital Information Age – interestingly enough, the Viral Age began with the Age of Computers – most sources are based on fluctuating science to support their theories and experimental therapies, and so they begin with: WARNING! Do not do anything mentioned here without first consulting Your health-care provider! However – using Natural Law, Common Sense and Mother Nature's Ways – the Essene tradition is based on Source, and so prefers: WELCOME! Are You exploring possibilities for Self-healing? Breathe deeply. Exhale completely. Go at Your Own pace. Follow Your Inner Voice Intuition. Love, Honor and Respect the blossom unfolding within You… radiating possibilities for the Pure Expression of the New You!

Lasting change in Life requires profound changes. Tune into Your feelings. Be aware, mindful of what You think… and say… and how You act. To experience change in Your Life requires serious adjustment in the Ways You do things. If You always do what You've always done, You'll always get what You've always gotten!

CHANGE begins with commitment. Treat Yourself to some TLCTender Loving Care with Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes. Create a new You to change how You feel and ultimately, how You look in the mirror. This is the miracle only You can perform!

Rather than blaming others, or holding others accountable for Your health and well-being, the holistic approach recognizes the ultimate responsibility lies with the Individual to go within… there to discover healing for HeartMindBodySpirit as One.

You Have the Power. You Are the Power. Be EmpOwered! ~.~*

About the author

Robert Anthony Kreucher, born 4 November 1941, served in Detroit as a priest 1967-72. Then… considering the writings of Arnold Ehret, experiencing the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle, and after a two-week water fast in the mountains, Robert traveled overland around the globe for 5 years… spending half of that time in Hawai'i – learning from kahunas including Mr Ting and Mr Stanley Burroughs, doing his Master Cleanse on various islands for seven weeks. Back to school: Palmer College in Davenport, IA – Robert graduated in 1980 as a primary care physician, a Doctor of Chiropractic specializing in Sacral-Occipital Technique {SOT} then studied Harmonics with M.L. Rees, DC, learning Vibrational Energy Medicine as practiced from ancient times – offering healing energetics for HeartMindBodySpirit in private sessions, as well as holistic centers such as Hippocrates Health Institute. Handing out mimeographed notes in the early 80s in Coconut Grove, he slowly created Harmonious Healing as a reference book – detailing aspects of Energy Medicine as found in affirmations, aromatherapy, colors and sounds, crystals and stones… including the vibrations of our food choices, as well as unusual aspects of Lifestyle Medicine such as Fasting as an ancient restorative… and Sacred Sexuality – the ultimate rejuvenating force. Homeopathy, especially as applied to Candida albicans, is considered in Chapter 9, and Chapter 10 has 100 topics with answers for FAQs – worthy of pursuit for doctors of every sort, massage therapists, professionals in the business world, and inquiring minds who choose to know – and who choose to be aware – Harmonious Healing: Ancient Wisdom in Modern Times. Good fortune allowed Robert to spend time in the early 90s with Sir George Trevelyan, the father of the modern Essene movement in England, at his hOMe – The Barn in Hawkesbury, Badminton, Avon. Sir George has been fondly referred to as "the Grandfather of the New Age Movement" which – rather than involving cult, fad and woolly notions – involves a non-sectarian, holistic outlook, scientific and practical, as well as mystical… a compassionate, global humanitarianism pertinent to our day. He said, "Yours is a brilliant book. It will nourish the imaginations of those who are birthing the new consciousness. From the seeds of the past come the plants of today that are blossoming for the survival of Our Beloved Mother Earth." http://realdoctor.blogspot.com/

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