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  • Genre:ART
  • SubGenre:Subjects & Themes / Plants & Animals
  • Language:English
  • Pages:134
  • Paperback ISBN:9798350949377

A-Z Animals for the Curious Adult

by Julie Eastman

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Dive into the captivating world of alphabet animal paintings crafted with precision and passion. In 2020, artist Julie Eastman embarked on a creative journey, utilizing a mix of acrylic paints, rollers, stencils and brushes to breathe life into a series of 26 unique creatures. The meticulous process of cutting stencils for each layer of color brought forth a stunning menagerie, each animal a testament to patience and artistic finesse. Originally envisioned as a personal project, the paintings evolved beyond a mere exhibition goal. Julie's friends, enamored by the vibrant artwork, expressed a shared joy in learning from the accompanying animal descriptions. Encouraged by this positive reception, the idea of an A-Z animal book for adults took root. In this delightful volume, Julie introduces you to her artistic creations, offering not only visually stunning depictions but also insightful descriptions. Each entry includes alternate names, scientific nomenclature and an IUCN red list rating, providing readers with a deeper understanding of the global conservation status of these fascinating creatures. As you turn the pages, immerse yourself in the beauty of Julie's paintings and gain a newfound appreciation for the diversity of the animal kingdom. This book is a labor of love, dedicated to all who appreciate the synergy of art and education. Join Julie on this enchanting journey, where creativity and conservation intertwine.


The animals depicted in this book are well researched and listed here: Alpaca, Bear, Cow, Duck, Elephant, Fox, Groundhog, Hippopotamus, Ibis, Javelina, Koala, Lynx, Mule, Nuthatch, Opossum, Pika, Quail, Rabbit, Spoonbill, Turtle, Unau Sloth, Vulture, Wolverine, Xerus Squirrel, Yellow Tang, and Zebra Finch.

About the author
Julie Eastman paints in watercolor and acrylics. She has taught art courses for many years in local art centers and has held solo exhibits around Raleigh and Chapel Hill. As a member of the Orange County Artists Guild for ten years, she took part in the Guild's studio tour each year, opening up her studio and displaying current work to the community. Julie is now retired from teaching but continues to paint. She lives with her husband Mike Sollins in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.