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  • SubGenre:Women Authors
  • Language:English
  • Pages:92
  • Paperback ISBN:9781735716312

A Step Back

by Amy Jean

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"A Step Back" is a ruminating compilation of poetry and prose. This critical and comical analysis of love, weight, face, truth, and time challenges the reader to contemplate these words and the additional meanings they carry. Throughout this dream state memoir, we see the lessons that lead Amy Jean to where she is now, and we see ourselves mirrored in each experience, each poem, each story. We are all driving down evolutions avenue.

Stepping back to reflect often offers new insights not only into one’s own life but also about the universe that surrounds us. Explore these revolutionary ideas with Amy Jean in her new book, A Step Back (available January 2021)— lively illustrations and photos accompany poetry and prose. Like a lexicographer, she investigates and challenges the definitions of love, weight, face, truth, and time. She creates her own dictionary and constructs new definitions to dig deeper into the meanings of those words—even formulating the word, Fanticity – (v) – when your Faith in something or someone has held you caged so long that you are driven to insanity.

Readers embark on a self-discovery journey that critically, yet playfully, analyzes truths. This dream-like memoir becomes an immersive experience that covers everything from heartbreak to parenthood, sanity, and religion. Anyone who feels misunderstood or cast aside can relate to A Step Back. By exploring her past, she seeks a vibrant, independent future.

About the author
Amy Jean is a dreamer, a poet, mother, and writer sharing compelling stories. As a poet and writer, she has written numerous books. The Kingdom has Arrived: Foundations Volume 1, her debut memoir, is a compilation of poetry and prose that details her mystical and otherworldly encounters, including physical manifestations, visions, locutions, prophetic dreams, and apparitions-be inspired and discover your authentic self by following along on a spiritually enlightening journey using the My Insight Journal that accompanies Volume 1. Be sure to read more of her books; Side Steps Terrorizing Sound Bites, Side Steps Terrorizing Sound Bites Part 2: Some things are black and white, and A Step Back, a forthcoming thought-provoking book that is a continuation of the first two Side Step books. Amy's first two Side Step books received numerous five-star reviews. Experience Scripture coming to fruition to warm the hearts of humanity in The Kingdom has Arrived Volume 2: Passion's Fire. Amy is an entrepreneur and spent several years growing a cleaning company in NC. She recently started Jean Publications, LLC, and seeks to share forward-thinking, unique works of art that inspire and propel humanity towards universal liberation. Specifically, creative writing and artistic masterpieces offering bold new thoughts leading society to a brighter future where all lives matter. When she is not writing and working, she enjoys spending time with her three grown sons and two daughters-in-law. Learn more about Amy and her books at www.amyjean.live

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