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  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Romance / Adult
  • Language:English
  • Pages:90
  • eBook ISBN:9781667843377

A Loin Story

Polymorphic Sexuality

by Ahh Chuu

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Searing prose framed within haunting edgy imagery. This horny caper should get anyone off, and does not shy away from the controversial. Ultimately a 'love' story, even as it is ripened through the 'loins'. How deviant is hyper-sexuality?
When fully clothed, these two normal looking urban professionals possessing secret, almost sexual superpowers can't seem to find how or where they fit into the relationship merry go round. The story begins in first person, self-revealing, shockingly personal, sexual splashes by a couple whose feelings of loneliness are ironically belied by their exceptional physical prowess. From autobiography, it moves on primarily in third person to describe the intricacies of failed relationships, separation, and finally a reconnection after a series of ugly romantic failures. Sexual reticence and sexual adventurousness collide leading to exhibitionism, bondage, bi-sexuality, abortion, even unexpected death, and maybe, illicit incestuous love. Sassy and confident, she may have called it 'militant sexuality', as they were both ultimately seeking love, yet continually finding only great sex. He may have referred to it as over sexualized shy timidity, which gives him trouble opening up to her wild experiments. Beneath mythology and allegory is a tale of thwarted romance, with a peak into some of our own most piquant dreams and fantasies. Other than a lesbian encounter and a voyeuristic three way, the story focuses on numerous poetic and graphic depictions of heterosexuality, mingled with in depth explorations of personal, psychological and present societal attitudes towards sexuality and personal growth. It is somewhat timeless and placeless, transcending boundaries, and never even really mentions the two heroes by name. It is an eternal striving everyman story that explores female and male consciousness and desires equally. Largely feminine dominant, the story extols, but also examines and questions that very tendency. Sexual genetic heroes, they share and whine about the burdens of their physical perfections, before slowly bemoaning of their ultimate demise. After flagrantly satisfying all their carnal urges, they separate to mostly disastrous liaisons with others, only to find themselves again. The hero is a psychologist who tries to help his lover better understand her libido. She is a talented graphic artist who uses her sexual fantasies to create a successful super heroine graphic novel series. Plenty of action both physical and mental, it is focused primarily on the strength and dynamism of two intelligent characters, their needs and dreams.
About the author
As evinced by content, author is a practicing psychologist, working with inborn issues of sexuality. Previous books have been short story travel memoirs and fiction. Fantasies, especially of sexual nature have always fascinated, and here, fictionally inspired.
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