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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Mystery & Detective / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:141
  • eBook ISBN:9781609849283

A Gypsy Affair

by musemason

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A mystery taken on by master sleuth, Gypsy Sandoz. Gyp's best friend and band member Phillip Conjoy has been found to have died from unnatural causes. The detective travels the globe in search of the culprits. This narrative allows Sandoz to probe deeply into the shadowy workings of the human psyche and resolve millenia old questions about mankind's existence.
The master songwriter and performer Gyp Sandoz takes on a new profession--that of detective. Now, when his best friend Phillip Conjoy ahs been found to have been murdered, Gyp is flabbergasted, but not foiled. Quickly, he comes to his senses, and begins pursuing the tantalizing clues, which at first(of course) lead nowhere. During the process of examining burgeoning youth at the height of frenzied adolescent creativity, the narrator and Gyp explore deeper aspects of the human mind, which, heretofore, have gone, basically unplumbed. A dark reality emerges as Phil tries to unravel millenia old secrets into the unconscious and beyond. Using an ancient technique for heightened spirituality, Phil probes deeper and deeper into the psyche until he arrives at......(you'll have to read the book!). Cataloguing human nature and gaining insight into motive and intent are part of the side benefits of intense exploration of the mind. A murder mystery with a spiritual flavor, the final twist of which is quite a surprise!
About the author
musemason was born in San Antonio, Texas a product of prolific post war romance.. He grew up in Fort Worth, surrounded by composers, authors and musicians as well as thespians, artists and bohemians. An accomplished and published songwriter, he has performed with many stellar artists. Maturing in Children's Theater and musical performance, his creative passions were infused by many mentors, including his mother, Katherine Allred Mason, an English Professor, composer of musicals and singer/instrumentalist. Stepfather, Joe Bob Harris was a master jazz musician and clarinetist of much repute during Jazz' Bebop heyday.This last project, "A Gypsy Affair", serves as a touchstone of musemason's broad talents and his initial literary foray.