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  • Genre:NATURE
  • SubGenre:Environmental Conservation & Protection
  • Language:English
  • Pages:262
  • eBook ISBN:9798350907025
  • Paperback ISBN:9798350907018

A Conspiracy of Lemurs

Turning a Conservation Dream Into Reality

by Penelope Bodry-Sanders and Fiona Brady

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A Conspiracy of Lemurs is the captivating memoir of Penelope Bodry-Sanders, who found her life's purpose at 49—creating a viable safety net for species on the brink of extinction. The book blends natural history narrative with the transformative journey of a woman who harnessed her passions into meaningful action.


A chance encounter with an orange-eyed lemur changed everything for Penelope Bodry-Sanders, at 49. Her captivating memoir, A Conspiracy of Lemurs, chronicles a life intertwined with the destiny of species on the brink of extinction. Her Lemur Conservation Foundation, begun as a wishful endeavor, is now an internationally recognized model for protecting endangered primates through captive breeding, scientific research, education, and art. For nearly thirty years, Penelope has channeled her formidable energies and tenacity to create a lifeline for these unique and highly threatened animals. Against an intriguing backdrop—from her early days as a Dominican nun and a Broadway performer to her years at the American Museum of Natural History—Penelope weaves an engaging tale of passion, discovery, and transformation as she becomes a resilient force in conservation. Her mission to safeguard lemurs, an umbrella species whose protection ensures countless others' survival, offers a beacon of hope in the face of ecological despair. A Conspiracy of Lemurs presents a compelling portrait of a life dedicated to making a difference. More than just one woman's story, it serves as an inspirational guide for anyone wanting to channel their own passion into action, reaffirming the power of individual aspirations to change the world.

About the author

Penelope Bodry-Sanders is a noted conservationist and founder of the Lemur Conservation Foundation. Her path to protecting endangered primates was decidedly unconventional and intriguing—from her years as a Dominican nun and a Broadway performer to two decades at the American Museum of Natural History. Each choice along the way honed abilities that enabled her to realize her goal. For more than three decades, she has been a Fellow of the Explorers Club and continues her affiliation with the American Museum of Natural History as a Field Associate. Her debut book, "African Obsession: The Life and Legacy of Carl Akeley," is considered a significant addition to conservation literature. Currently, Penelope is passionately channeling her artistic expression to celebrate undervalued species like lemurs, hyenas, and various invertebrates. Rooted in Aristotle's belief of finding beauty in all creatures, Penelope upholds the conviction that art can alter perceptions about the world and inspire positive change. To learn more about the Lemur Conservation Foundation, visit lemurreserve.org/.

Coauthor Fiona Brady began her career as an editorial staffer at various magazines, including New York, SELF, Health, and TV Guide. She has also stage-managed Off and Off-Off Broadway productions, helped run a dreidel factory beneath the Manhattan Bridge, and installed climate-resilient green roofs around New York City. Her fascination with the natural world led her to the American Museum of Natural History where she wore assorted hats over eighteen years—as a press officer, specimen-loans manager, writer/editor, and organizer of innumerable conferences for the Center for Biodiversity and Conservation. These days, when not writing and editing, she goes adventuring with her paleontologist husband and best friend, Carl Mehling.

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Talk about an inspiration! Talk about an inspiration! This book invites the reader to think about what they are passionate about and to take action in saving it. For the author, it is lemurs and her book is a roadmap on how to effect change for an endangered species. Lemurs are so precious! Incredible story. Read more
Living lemurs A thrill ride with an important message! Read more