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  • SubGenre:Eldercare
  • Language:English
  • Pages:330
  • eBook ISBN:9781543989014
  • Paperback ISBN:9781543989007

A Bittersweet Goodnight

A Memoir of Life, Love and Family

by Linda C Wright

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A Bittersweet Goodnight is a the journey of a 50 year relationship with my step-mother which was often tense, sometimes filled with laughter and blind to the love and friendship we didn't know we shared. With no biological children of her own, I was left to decide how June would spend the final years of her life as she fell into the depths of dementia. Years before, she designated the cherished keepsakes I'd grown to love, to others. Next to my name on her list was 'box of family and personal papers'. I sadly sent away her possessions believing this tattered old shirt box couldn't possible hold anything of importance. The box contained cards and letters from friends and family, many sent after my father's funeral 25 years earlier. The story told within cast me as a child in the center of a divorce, pushed me to the outside of a new love affair and showed me the path to the woman I am today. It will appeal to many baby boomers caught in the middle of their changing lives while caring for aging parents. It will also appeal to the step community which often struggles with their own sense of belonging inside divided families.

A Bittersweet Goodnight has been named a Finalist at the 14th Annual National Indie Excellence Awards in the Memoir category.  


My step-mother, June, lived alone until her nineties, but over time fell into the depths of dementia. With no biological children of her own, I was the one left to guide her down the path toward the end of her life. Haunted by my father's last words to me to take care of his Junie, I couldn't walk away from this difficult task.

The fight between us involved a parent figure with dementia who one moment was kind and smart and the next instant, a bratty child I was not equipped to deal with. With no help from my own siblings or from June's niece and nephews whom I'd never met, each step I took for her caused me to question my sense of right and wrong.

Armed with a handwritten list June had given to her lawyer years ago, I went to work sending off her cherished figurines and knick knacks to others. The words next to my name simply said box of personal papers. The day the box finally revealed itself to me, I was afraid to look inside. What was it she wanted me to know? What secret was hiding inside? Once safely home, I closed the door to my office, took a deep breath and slowly slid the lid off the box. After a whiff of stale smoke, I peeked inside. The box was stuffed with sympathy cards and letters June received after my father's death 25 years earlier.

As I read each letter, I walked down memory lane of my life and relationships with my parents and how June came into my life. I walked down the path to where we found ourselves today, in a place neither of us wanted to be but where we discovered a special love for each other.

About the author
Linda C. Wright is from Cleveland, Ohio and now lives on the Space Coast of Florida with her husband, Richard. She spent 30 years in the business world working for a Fortune 500 company. Linda loves photography, reading and traveling the world. She now happily pursues her passion of writing. Her stories have appeared in seven Chicken Soup For The Soul titles. A Bittersweet Goodnight is the Bronze Winner of the 2019 Royal Palm Literary Award. It is her first memoir.

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