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  • SubGenre:Eldercare
  • Language:English
  • Pages:158
  • Paperback ISBN:9798350952292

24/7 Caregiver

The Everyday Battle with Alzheimer's

by Gerry Roth

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Gerry Roth's book, 24/7 Caregiver - The Everyday Battle with Alzheimer's, is a heartfelt tribute to love, dedication, and the poignant role of a caregiver. He shares the bittersweet reality of caring for his beloved wife, Jean, as she navigates Alzheimer's. Celebrate their enduring love and be inspired by the strength found in the most challenging moments of caregiving.
Gerry Roth's book, 24/7 Caregiver – The Everyday Battle with Alzheimer's is a powerful collection of poems, chronicling Gerry's profound dedication as a caregiver to his wife, Jean, in her journey with Alzheimer's. This book is a testament to a life rich in love and commitment, marked by the trials and tenderness that caring for a loved one entails. With over fifty years of shared history, Gerry and Jean's story is one of unwavering companionship and resilience. The poetry within offers an intimate glimpse into their lives together—from moments of quiet strength to instances of raw vulnerability. Gerry's words describe the many challenges of Alzheimer's, while together, they maintain a bond unbroken by the disease. As Gerry continues to advocate for those affected by Alzheimer's through his work with the Alzheimer's Association and the Beyond Dementia Coalition, his poems offer solace and solidarity to readers who may be navigating similar paths. This book of poems is an experience of empathy, a guiding light, and a celebration of life's most enduring connections.
About the author
Gerry Roth's dedication to his life, his career, family, and drive for success has chartered an extraordinary course through the worlds of retail, business consulting, education, hospitality and advocacy for Alzheimer's. Today, Gerry is a champion for the Alzheimer's Association and a board member of the Beyond Dementia Coalition. Gerry continues to channel his energies into advocating for those affected by the disease, and his dedication is a testament to his compassionate heart and commitment to bringing support to the community. Gerry spent 52 years in the world of retail as an executive leader, including 38 years as a senior executive and a retail business consultant. He led many national retail department stores such as Gold Circle, Yonkers, Duty Free International, and Saks Fifth Avenue. Gerry took these stores to new heights and opportunities as he led merchandising, buying, human resources, training and finance and transformed the customer shopping experience. Gerry retired from Saks Fifth Avenue as Senior Vice President. Retirement didn't slow Gerry down on the business front nor in his pursuit of new challenges and dreams. He and his wife embarked on a new adventure in the hospitality business where they acquired a restaurant and then managed a country inn in Vermont. Then, Gerry became a professor at the University of Vermont's Grossman School of Business where he fulfilled a lifelong ambition of teaching, mentoring, and enriching the lives of students. Not content to rest his laurels, Gerry embarked into the world of wine as a wine consultant for PRP Wine International, and he owned a consulting company serving primarily mid-sized businesses. After celebrating fifty-six years of marriage, Jean passed away in January 2024. Gerry continues to make a meaningful impact working with the Alzheimer's Association and the Beyond Dementia Coalition to support others on their challenging journey in the world of Alzheimer's. His efforts stand as a living memorial to their love and to the enduring impact Jean made on the world.