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  • Genre:RELIGION
  • SubGenre:Inspirational
  • Language:English
  • Pages:404
  • eBook ISBN:9781098377083
  • Paperback ISBN:9781098377076


by Dorothy Love

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21 is a non-fiction book based on the true lives of twenty-one women who have dared to bare their souls without shame that you may also experience freedom. I fought within myself to complete this book and publish it in 2019 and then 2020, the year of COVID-19, and as you can see, that didn't happen. As I was beginning to feel a little defeated, slothful, distressed, and a few other words, God caused me to pause. He said it was me who wanted 2019 and 2020, it was always His will that this book entitled 21 be published in 2021. The power of a pause! Twenty-one relatable women, twenty-one stories, and twenty-one miracles! Their backs to the world, and their eyes on the Cross…The Vantage Point!


21 is a non-fiction book based on the lives of twenty-one women who have dared to bare their souls without shame. Their story range from a sixteen-year-old refugee girl fighting for her life; a young teenaged girl fighting off her stepfather, to a four-year-old girl who suffered from having her body scalded by boiling hot chocolate and in adulthood, having her heart scalded and scarred by fear and shame. One was kidnapped and some went willingly into their captivity. Although it is about the story of twenty-one women, their stories cross gender, religion, race, culture, and invade all of our psychological makeup. Yes, undoubtedly, I believe you will find yourself somewhere within the pages. Maybe it's a challenge to let go of a weight you have carried for a long time, or maybe a weight you need to pick up to slow you down. If you find the shoe doesn't fit, try it on your neighbor, a friend, a loved one, maybe a parent. But assuredly, as you find the heartaches, you will also find the treasure chest. Twenty-one relatable women, twenty-one stories, and twenty-one miracles! What was it that they had in common that changed the narrative of their lives, look inside and you will find out and you will be glad you did!

About the author
DOROTHY MARIE RIVERS-LOVE was born in the hills of Marvell, Arkansas. She lived in a two-room shack on what she calls a glorified plantation. When she should have been in school at ten years old, she had to chop and pick cotton, putting in a hard day's work. Poverty, racism, even border-line abuse could not sway her from believing there was something beautiful yet to be discovered on the other side of those hills. She spent many hours lying on her back, staring into space, watching airplanes fly over, imagining where could they possibly be going since she had never left her small country town. She enjoyed writing at a young age and writing poetry was her favorite pastime. Dorothy finally left the hills of Arkansas and traveled to Sacramento, California when she was fifteen. Her dreams materialized. She joined the military and served in uniform for thirty-one years. Some of her duties included Radio Operator, Military Police, Equal Opportunity Advisor and Diversity Coordinator. She received numerous awards and decorations. During her military service, she graduated from law school, obtaining her Juris Doctor degree. She retired in 2013 as a Master Sergeant. Her new career is loving God and loving others. You will find her supporting women in becoming victorious and wrapping her arms around the youth. Dorothy considers this book a labor of love and a gift from God to her and the world.

Book Reviews

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Faith I purchased this book in October, and since then I have read it three times. 21 is a very inspirational book that will have you in tears and then lift your spirits while saying GOD is Good. Many of these stories reminded me of family and friends that encountered some of these obstacles but made it thru. It is a must read book for anyone going thru hardship or know someone that is going thru hardship and needs inspiration. GOD IS GOOD, and after reading 21, you will say the same. Thank you Dorothy and ladies for sharing your stories. Faith H. Read more
21 This book was an amazing read. It’s a story of 21 brave women who wrote about their journey through life. Each women had a unique story. I related to many of the things that happen to these woman, and my heart was full of love knowing that I wasn’t the only women that had these things happen to them in life. If you want a beautiful story about these 21 woman telling their story, then you must read this story and know that all the things that happen to you don’t define you but make you stronger. This is a must read. Read more
21 What amazing work the product of this book! These amazing women sharing their life struggles and coming out more powerful and free than they could imagine. Some of the stories were moving, capturing the essence of a life lived out no matter how challenging it was. Some of the other Stories made me pause read and then re-read it because they were so close to my own life or the life of someone I know. I am grateful to everyone One of these remarkable women for their story. Thank you Ms. Love for your brilliant work! You are a beautiful woman who’s heart is always for strengthening a sister to stand up and look up to where her help comes from. She unapologetically loves her Lord. It shows in the women she carefully chose to share their story. I can’t wait for the next project. May God’s blessings be on it as well! Read more
21 21 was an amazing book. Sister Love, Thank you for telling me about your book. Very easy to read very interesting. I would recommend this book to anyone who thinks that they are alone with their story. We all have a story never be afraid to tell your story because you may save someone's life or better yet let him know what an awesome GOD we serve. Remember GOD is in control of all our lives. Just have the faith of a mustard seed and watch GOD move mountains. Willia Riley, Sacramento, CA. Read more
21 The 21 wonderful ladies' stories are so inspiring. After the isolation experienced during the pandemic this book is a reminder that most of us find ourselves in some sort of difficulty in life and that surrender to the Lord Jesus is the only way to find any kind of peace as we navigate through this "enemy territory ". Read more