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  • Genre:SELF-HELP
  • SubGenre:Personal Growth / Memory Improvement
  • Language:English
  • Pages:88
  • eBook ISBN:9781483514864

11 Minute Speed Reading Course

Double Reading Speed and Increase Productivity

by Dr. Jay Polmar

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Double or Triple Your Reading Speed In Just 11 Minutes - 100% Guaranteed This system has several fantastic advantages! Your study time will be slashed to less than 50% of what it used to be. That means more free time, and still you can get straight "A"s. You'll spend less time going through reports and books, a mandatory activity in your career. Use your 'extra' time to be more productive. Work smart with speed reading. Be productive and effecient. Increase your competence because you'll have a greater understanding of what you've read. Your confidence will build and build and build. If you like to read, anything for that matter, you'll love your new found reading speed because that means you can read more books in a lot less time. The truth is that "readers are leaders" new opportunities begin with reading!
www.speedread.org and Dr. Jay Polmar, a leading provider of speed reading courses released 11 Minute Speed Reading, in English, French, and Spanish, coupled with How to Accomplish More in Less Time. The 11 Minute Method was developed through the help of continuing education departments, alternative education and community services departments of several colleges and universities in the U.S. Dr. Polmar has incorporated easy instructions for readers to get the most out of reading books, writing reports, and more. “These courses are all about assisting readers of all ages and all backgrounds to read faster and understand more”, says Dr. Polmar. The availability of the 11 minute course in English, French, and Spanish creates better reading skills and promotes productivity and efficiency in anyone who can read. 11 Minute Speed Reading is the beginning lesson for everyone to read faster, comprehend more, read a book properly, and learn to write a term paper effectively. Based on Polmar’s bestselling Speed Reading in Only One Hour program, this abbreviated version cuts the fat and focuses on the essential skills needed to improve reading and comprehension in only 11 minutes. Coupled with How to Accomplish More – you become an effective and efficient productivity on-demand machine. You read faster and produce more. Affordable for English, French, and Spanish readers around the world, you get instant access to the electronic version, for $5.99.
About the author
Dr. Jay Polmar is one of the great teachers who has given his life to students, other teachers, and authors in the self-help field. His specialties include speed reading and accelerated learning which he has studied since 1977, hypnotherapy for treatment of disease and self-confidence (since 1959), and he combines these to create an environment to create super-learning abilities and inner peace in student and the corporate and government world as well. He has helped thousands in live classes and hundreds of thousands with his books in the more that 36 years he's been published.. Dr. Polmar has helped readers of all ages improve their reading speed and comprehension with his highly effective products, in English, and several other languages to help readers with proven methods and techniques for achievement. He has taught reading success programs in NM state prisons with great success. Prior to founding Speedread.org - a leading internet authority on accelerated reading, Dr. Polmar studied speed reading, psychology, hypnotherapy, and motivation methods to complete career training degrees. 18 years later, Dr. Jay Polmar used his expertise to transform his popular classroom reading speed and comprehension, and make accomplishing more in less time an actuality. His courses are now 100% digital, easy to read and understand giving readers access to proven, effective techniques that increase used world famous mind and brain training techniques to make memory and recall easier.