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Chenier Math
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As the author, I would like to give a brief overview of how my books evolved. In 1971, I completed my apprenticeship (classroom and on-the-job training) in carpentry, cabinetmaking and millwright work. As a contractor, I soon realized that my crew was lacking in math skills, and taught my own crew a basic math class (a 4 hour class, one day per week, for 3 months). In 1972, I accepted a position as a Building Trades Instructor in a high school setting. I then saw the need for basic applied math in the high school, and began to develop math materials relevant to the trades. I received a B.S. degree in Trade and Technical Education from Ferris State College in 1977. At that time, I further developed math materials and put them into module form. I also took a position as a Curriculum Coordinator and taught basic applied math to 17 different vocational programs in a two county area, later expanding to vocational programs in many different schools throughout Michigan's Upper Peninsula and some in Lower Michigan. The first book, "Chenier's Math Method" (a soft-covered workbook) was finished in 1985, and was later revised into “Chenier’s Practical Math Dictionary” and "Chenier’s Practical Math Application Guide". I then started to work at Mead Paper Co. While working there, I taught practical math classes to the maintenance personnel, took college classes in mathematics, AutoCAD, and in electronics. During this period I combined my High School Building Trades teaching experience with my hands-on and industry teaching experience. The end result was a field tested and proven system that is now available in two soft covered books and eBooks