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Sasighan Prasertsri
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Sasighan Prasertsri (LMT, AP)

I was born and raised in the Don Muang area of northern Bangkok where my parents were civil servants. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Thammasat University, near Wat Pho, in central Bangkok.

In my childhood I looked forward to the end of each school term which meant I would travel to live with my grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles in my parents’ home province in Ubon Ratchathani Province in Northeastern Thailand. I greatly enjoyed everything there, life in the countryside surrounded by relatives, a peaceful, quiet, uncrowded life, natural, with fresh air, and mountain forests. The area is dry and experiences drought in its red soil. I made merit often because my grandfather’s house was near a Buddhist temple. The rustic country life during semester breaks was different from my Bangkok life. I can still close my eyes and remember the feelings as if I went there only a few years ago. No matter how long ago, my reminiscences of those days bring wonderful feelings today.

When I had the opportunity to move to America, I’m now an American citizen, I had the opportunity to choose my occupation. Many Thai people abroad work in restaurants, but personally, I do not like late-night hours, so I chose to find employment other than in a restaurant. I chose to use my knowledge/education and training from Thailand as a professional traditional Thai massage practitioner. And I decided to write this book.

Herein I do not use academic references because this writing, while a manual, is also a professional and personal narrative of journey from my perspective as a Thai Buddhist from birth, educated through university graduation, building a successful business in the United States over the years via word-of-mouth client references.

This book is a reference manual, based on my own training in traditional Thai massage, combined with my life reflections and consideration; it is my own personal and professional story.

My humble wish is that readers will benefit greatly from this book.