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Kiva Vera Waters is a certified yogini, a licensed NY attorney & the founding C.E.O. of HET HRU Publishing, LLC. She was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY by a Caribbean mom and her works are very reflective of this culturally and spiritually abundant background. MEDITATION MADNESS, the first tool-book in Het Hru's series, was written especially to empower good people and to help readers find their TRUE self. More info about this author can be found @GrandmaKiva 


MEDITATION MADNESS kicked off LIVE on IG at the GoNatural Sanctuary in Long Bay, Portland, Jamaica on January 21, 2021. The "tool-book", its author, Kiva V. Waters @GrandmaKiva, and the entire retreat was hosted by Crown Heights (NY) yoga studio, UA @UrbanAsanas and owner, Jyll Hubbard-Salk.

"What you say to your SELF matters the most" was the exciting chant of the day.

The author's encouraged participants & ALL good people, to "step to the front in 2021" and reclaim their rightful place in the circle of life. 

Empowering good people is the cornerstone of HET HRU, the book's publisher, @HetHruPublishing. The Het Hru motto is GOD finishes all sentences.

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LIVE @MeditationMadnessTheBook 

Also available on Amazon and at Barnes&Nobles.

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