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  • Genre:TRAVEL
  • SubGenre:United States / West / Mountain
  • Language:English
  • Pages:190
  • eBook ISBN:9781098393328
  • Paperback ISBN:9781098393311

Yellowstone Calls My Name

Ship Wreck Band 50th

by James o. Wolfe

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With the shut down and stay indoors orders, thoughts of better times and happy places in the past draw me to reflect on one of those places I have returned to many times in the past, if only in my mind — Yellowstone. In 1964 the Yellowstone Fishing Bridge dock boys formed a little band called the Ship Wrecks. In 2015, this band had their 50-year reunion. The idea to write another book about Yellowstone, was sparked by a simple request, from a longtime friend (member of the band) Aytch Roberts. From that request, thoughts began to take shape on how best to pen such a book about the little band during our years playing and now a 50-year reunion. Thank you Aytch for the idea. Leading up to the Ship Wrecks Reunion, I had been asked to attend two previous reunions which seeded several stories that needed to be investigated during this 50-year reunion. Attending the Ship Wreck Reunion, another Savage joined us with many stories, and still to this day, contact has continued. This leads me to the last reunion which is still going on to this day -- electronically. In this time of stress and need of a place to refresh our spirits, a place to remember of happier time, let us all take a moment to remember. Therein lies one of the reasons for my penning this book, at this time. So please come with me and others to a happy place as I close my eyes and take a deep breath of air -- and remember. A reunion on the Yellowstone.
It is a time to reflect and feel the small voice inside calling me. My heartbeat grew a little stronger as I realized it was coming from the attic of my mind. As I move through the attic of my mind, I see the unopened chest from yesteryear, with faded lettering written in an arch on the outside. This book is part of what I found while revisiting its dusty contents. I retrieved an old letter from Christmas many years ago, which included a poem. This was one of my greatest gifts, from a man I only met through letter writing, giving me his permission to put in print a poem he wrote just for my first book on Yellowstone, A Yellowstone Savage from Fishing Bridge. The letter was signed by William "Bill" Fries. Bill helped record producer/composer Chip Davis of Mannheim Steamroller with the song Convoy which became a movie. C.W. McCall is the character of Convoy fame. The song begins with, "This is the Rubber Duck". Bill's call name was the Rubber Duck on the CB radio as he drove his semi-truck all over the country. I lived during the mid-1950s through the mid-1960s on Route 66, a road heavily traveled by semis during those years, the sounds and names (handles) for CB operators filled the air waves. My dad and I were the first CB operators in our small town. Dad was "Big Bad Wolfe" and I was "Little Wolfe". Little did I know that this connection would be vital link for contacts on the Yellowstone. This poem would be honored front and center while starting Chapter 1. Visions of bygone days begin to form. I invite you to come along with me, starting with setting the stage for the trip. First, locate the song Yellowstone Morning from the album American Spirit by Mannheim Steamroller C.W. McCall American Gramophone. C.W. McCall is Bill Fries, still trucking. Second, find a relaxing spot to sit, with your favorite beverage. Third, as you relax and listen to the song, read the poem and after reading, just close your eyes — and you are there, sitting on the Lake Lodge porch at 4:00 in the morning. After the song ends, finish reading Chapter 1. You are on your way to a Reunion on the Yellowstone. Lake Lodge porch looking out over Yellowstone Lake, circa 1960.
About the author
James (Jim) Wolfe, nicknamed "Wreck". Early years, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Wyo. and now Nebraska. Attending Central State University and received a BA degree and a Master's degree. While serving in the Coast Guard, he attended electronic school and served as an ET during the Vietnam War. He started a Ph.D. at NOVA University in Florida in, of all things, Distance Education! Due to the job change, he received an ABD (All but Dissertation). His teaching career started in Wyoming and ending in Nebraska. He taught high school for 17 years, 6 years in elementary, and finished 12 years at the college and university level. He was an adjunct teacher for Bellevue University and Metro Community College. He now does voluntary work with SkillsUSA for Nebraska, running robots and drones for the state contests. They asked him to write the Drone program for the state and was used in the National contest. He is serving with the Coast Guard Auxiliary. Again, the electronic interest has allowed him to help the National Staff with webpages throughout the country as a Branch Chief. He also serves as a U.S. Coast Guard Academy Admission Partner working with high school students moving into the Academy in New London, Connecticut. Jim is the author of two books. "A Yellowstone Savage from Fishing Bridge" and "Coal Miner's Jukebox" Jim and his wife have four children and 11 grandchildren, and now two great grandchildren. Jim and his wife live in Omaha, Nebraska.