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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Romance / Paranormal / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:197
  • eBook ISBN:9781623091705

Wicked Woman

Second Book in the Wicked Trilogy

by Linda Harper

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This second book in the ‘Wicked’ trilogy is a continuation of book 1. The Lowry family is still under attack from someone or something. This family continues to strengthen their defenses as best they can. When they finish reinforcing the holes in the walls, they will join with some of their family members from another time. Together, they hope to destroy those that are planning to eliminate the family and take all they have. Sam and Jesse, Jack and Lacy still plan to marry but have postponed it until after this ordeal is finished with. Several other romantic relationships are forming at Le Grande, as well as several members of the house hold were bitten by wolves, one very seriously. I introduce a set of new characters that will power the last book and still involve the Lowry family. A Vampire Queen, werewolves, and passion abound. I would so love to tell you everything, but I can’t.
Wicked Woman begins as Collin is trying to find another way into the tunnel, so he can get back to Le Grande. Malcolm and Brigit married and are now expecting a child. Malcolm makes occasional trips back to Le Grande to keep the family up to date on Collin's whereabouts. The Lowry family is working feverishly to seal all the holes and damage done by the wolves and others they haven't identified yet. They have brought in help to get the job done quicker, but they continue to find more break ins. Two family members have been bitten and clawed by the huge wolves that roam the tunnel. They survive, while living in horror of future attacks on their loved ones. The tunnels stretch beyond the imagination of the Lowry family. They can walk for half an hour and visit their ancestors in the 1700's. The can take another turn and open a door to another time and place. All these exciting trips await them, but not until they can make sure that Le Grande and their loved ones there are safe from the monsters that roam the tunnels.
About the author
Linda Harper was born in Salinas, California. She loved being there, so close to her Grandmother, Aunts and Uncles. She was very close to her paternal Grandmother and spent a lot of time there as she grew up. Her Grandmother played a very important role in life, hence Linda called her Mom. Mom read many stories to Linda and told her stories about her family. Because of this warm loving Woman, Linda learned and loved to read. She loved story telling. Linda's family moved to Lodi, Ca. when she was 11 years old. It was a beautiful little town, great for kids to grow up in. Linda loved school and continued to read as much as she could and write for school. She kept diaries which lead to Journals. She still has those diaries and journals and still reads them today. She graduated and went to college in Stockton, Ca. Married and raised two wonderful sons. Linda started her first book years ago, but since she had her own legal service business, there was little time to write. She was an Independent Paralegal for over 25 years. When she slowed down and retired, it gave her the time to work on her book and now it is ready for you to enjoy. As the saying goes, one just wasn’t enough. Linda has written three Paranormal Romance novels; and is now working on book #3 in the wicked trilogy. If you read Linda’s books, please leave a review.