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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Romance / Paranormal / General
  • Language:English
  • Series title:COTTONWOOD SERIES
  • Series Number:2
  • Pages:234
  • eBook ISBN:9781624887512

Saving Sarah

Cottonwood Series, Book 2

by Linda Harper

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Saving Sarah, Cottonwood Series - Book 2 Continues the story of a young woman that was born into a different world. She went to public schools through college; but her ancestry shows itself at age 25 when she transforms into a beautiful panther with sparkling blue eyes. This is just the beginning of her journey into magic and sorcery. Sarah meets Sam Jordane after her parents die in a car accident, He isn't aware that he was her first love at the age of eleven years old. The first physical contact is tantamount to a lightning storm. This extreme start of their relationship begins a a strange and wonderful trip which includes marriage. While on a trip with their family, Sarah is kidnapped. As Sarah is held naked and bound; her capture tells her that they are true blood mates and her husband and she are not. He is therefore bound to take her to a Sorcerer to have the test. He seduces her and another series of lightning strikes through them as they make love. This is a tale of a beautiful charismatic woman with many powers, soon to be the next Sorceress Queen over all the powerful communities around the world. There is one threat to Sarah. A Sorceress that was once treated for insanity; but broke free and is now hell bent to find Sarah and kill her and possibly her unborn children.
Saving Sarah is first and foremost a story about true love. There are witches and Sorcerers, magic and evil. The first book in this series took Sarah and Sam from early childhood until they met again after college. Their journey began when at eleven fell in love with Sam Jordane and she held out, waiting for him. Fifteen years later he knocked at her door. Her parents had died in a car crash and Sam came to read their wills and settle the estate. When they touched, it was tantamount to a lightning storm. They could barely be near each other without extreme arousal. They were married and because of criminal activity in their community Sarah, Sam and their family traveled to France. During a trip with the family Sarah was kidnapped; leaving Sam distraught. When Sarah awoke, she found herself bound and naked. Her capture explained that he was taking her to have the required test; to prove he was her true blood mate, not Sam. The story continues as Sarah and her unborn children are in great danger. She is the next Sorceress Queen which is a major threat to a insane Sorceress that wants Sarah dead.
About the author
Linda Harper was born in Salinas, California. She spent much of her early childhood with her paternal Grandmother, Aunts and Uncles. Her Grandmother played a very important role in life, hence Linda called her Mom. Mom read many stories to Linda and told her stories about her family. Because of this warm loving Woman, Linda learned and loved to read. She loved story telling. Linda moved to Lodi, California with her family when she was eleven. It was a beautiful little town, great for kids to grow up in. Linda loved school and continued to read as much as she could and write for school. She kept diaries which lead to Journals. She still has those diaries and journals and still reads them today. She graduated and went to college in Stockton, Ca. Married and raised two wonderful sons. Linda started her first book years ago, but since she had her own legal service business, there was little time to write. She was an Independent Paralegal for over 25 years. When she slowed down and retired, it gave her the time to work on her book and now it is ready for you to enjoy. As the saying goes, one just wasn’t enough. Linda has written four Paranormal Romance novels; and is now working on a Romance Novel. If you read Linda’s books, please leave a review.