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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Indigenous
  • Language:English
  • Pages:300
  • eBook ISBN:9798350952643
  • Paperback ISBN:9798350952636

Wendigo War

by William DeVlieger

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PR exec John Watimer collapses while presenting a controversial project to First Nations citizens at Nawadjiwon, Ontario. Lingering between life and death, he receives an apocalyptic vision of ecological doom. Plunged into moral turmoil, he must confront the specter of greed. Should he preserve his livelihood or heed the warning? As tensions escalate, a battle for the environment looms.
John Watimer, public relations executive for international mining corporation Westlund Amecor, is offered a coveted promotion if he convinces four First Nations communities in Northern Ontario to grant his company permission to construct two underground uraninite mines beneath Lake Mameigwess. Dubbed "Rolling Thunder," the project means billions in revenue for the company, but the Oji-Cree fear the mines will pollute the watershed, upon which their culture depends. At the first public hearing, held at the island village of Nawadjiwon, John collapses from a heart attack. Hovering between life and death, he receives a powerful vision foretelling an ecological disaster that will annihilate the sensitive Hudson Bay Lowlands. While recovering, he ruminates on a difficult decision: to ignore the warning or act on his conscience and stop the mines at the cost of his livelihood and the security of his family. Seeking answers, he returns to Nawadjiwon, where local Jiisakii medicine man Francis Bizheu performs a Shaking Tent ceremony. The spirits validate John's vision, but Nawadjiwon faces deep division over the mines, and Westlund Amecor threatens extraordinary and deadly measures to secure the multi-billion-dollar project. As conditions at Nawadjiwon worsen and a monstrous autumn blizzard descends on the region, the council votes to call upon the Bear Men, warriors sworn to protect their people at any cost. The blizzard hits with full force as battle commences. John faces the ultimate moral dilemma. How far will you go to do what is right?
About the author
William (Bill) DeVlieger came to the Anishinabe Ojibway people as a student at Northland College in Ashland, Wisconsin, where he received instruction in Native American Studies from tribal elders. Bill developed close friendships with Anishinabe Ojibway elders, teachers, activists, holy people, and people just living life, who taught him to think about the world in new ways. Learning about the Seventh Fire Prophecy, Bill identified and was accepted as one of the New People prophesized to lead humanity down the natural path to peace and sustainability. He attended native ceremonies, participating in talking circles, sweat lodges, shaking tents, and ceremonies at the Three Fires Midewiwin Grand Medicine Lodge, and participated in several environmental battles, fighting alongside the Anishinabe Ogitchida Warrior Society to protect the sacred lands and resources of the Northwoods. The author describes himself as one of the New People, a Seventh Fire Storyteller, a Celtic Druid, and a son of Mother Earth. He lives in Warren, Pennsylvania, with his wife and son, a dog, and four cats.