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  • SubGenre:General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:92
  • Hardcover ISBN:9781483578231

Universal Nature

Philosophy of Existence

by Christopher Greenwood

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This book is on the philosophy of pantheism, other philosophy, debates , and journal entries
The universe has a great nature we are all apart of from the studies of philosophy , science, and history the whole of existence is a completely uniquely infinite . That is how pantheism has its importance as a philosophy to know existence and the rest of human history surrounded in great achievements due curiosity of nature . As a work of knowledge philosophy and science has the greatest achievements of the universes history.
About the author
I am a philosopher with no degree for experience is my degree in my studies as a pantheistic thinker. My life began in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin US in March of 1994 at St Joseph Hospital and there I began with my childhood and I graduated from McDonnell Highschool of 2013. I believe in my childhood because of the interests and passions that I had and as teenager is where I developed more as a writer and a poet though I differed my life from that of other teenagers. It’s my father that helped me discover my views and beliefs in things since he was more for a chemistry of science, history, and philosophy. He was always a man for the belief of nature and the universe with reverence. I had developed these views of mine from an age of reason where I was a Christian, but things changed with my study in the Pagan religions. It’s because of my disagreements with Catholic teachings at the time then I was more of a pantheistic pagan searching for the philosophies of what god was. In time more influences and inspirations opened up, which had happened to me throughout my search for truth as an early philosopher. I was deist though without knowing the name at the time then I decided to stand outside the god question to let man decide if their was a god, or not. Then I was atheist when I decided to step into the god question and not believe in religion or god at the time since I had more influences from Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, George Carlin, Bill Maher, and Friedrich Nietzsche. What had changed from my life as an atheist at the time was that I viewed dark matter, dark energy, the universe, and intelligence as god like because of how everything is made out of these four. My father for his own views and beliefs helped in deep conversions and books that were influences from Alan Watts and Spinoza developed my change into being a pantheistic thinker.